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October 12, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Kimura Lock from the Guard Position – MMA Candy
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25 Responses to “Kimura Lock from the Guard Position – MMA Candy”

  1. pathfindercrasher Says:

    Just a refinement on that technique: When you get that Kimura locked in, release your leg lock, use your right leg to push off hip while twisting your body further left and your left leg should be moving closer to your opponents left shoulder over their back while pushing them down. Greta job though :)

  2. pepinoo13 Says:

    You helped me! Thank you!!.

  3. thiiriich3000 Says:

    how can anyone dislike this ? =O

  4. saiyanadic454 Says:

    I feel like training now..

  5. ekpliktos Says:

    cool ! but u make a mistake. when u grab her wrist, u have to open the guard and put your left foot in her back so that u can turn your body more to the left othewise she will never tap ;)

  6. allstock5 Says:

    you girls are awesome

  7. asilaydying2234 Says:

    This is why BJJ is the best.

  8. jkdsifu Says:

    Damn I love bjj ;)



  10. snakedoctor262 Says:

    i love ju jitsu

  11. Twilight8888 Says:


  12. chingchingwawa Says:

    Very Impressive!

  13. carhart001 Says:

    I don’t know if my comment will be approved but nice moves and instructions. It looks painful if applied properly. On the other hand the blond girl on top is completely adorable. Can you say SUBSCRIBE. Sweet. :)

  14. FearOfStormsMusic Says:

    5 people are gay

  15. monkeysdude2 Says:

    I thought when you lock your opponents wrist you weren’t supposed to use your thumb to wrap it. Are you still able to fully extend this way?

  16. seychellesyuri Says:

    love it *-* !

  17. naitche Says:


  18. highrpm85 Says:

    VERY good teaching and videoangle’s… And that u show the move without talking from a different angle is just great! I can see everything and focus @ the same time! Tnx for great uploading…

  19. mmacandy Says:


    Thanks so much for learning!!!

  20. mmacandy Says:


    Thanks Ms Ariel!!!

  21. mmacandy Says:


    Thanks for checking us out!!!!!!

  22. gkornegay Says:

    1. When you wrap your opponents arm to secure the wrist lock, it is a shorter distance and maintains stronger control to go as low as possible at their wrist, not the underarm.

    2. Once you secure the wrist lock, lean forward and use your legs to hip escape, which will automatically and with more force secure their elbow to your chest. Then kick your leg over their back to stop their from posturing up. Then slowly rotate only their forearm until the tap.

  23. ebliesze Says:

    Great technique (*☻-☻*)

  24. thebestplayerful Says:

    @mmacandy im learn this to on my bjj

  25. MartialArteest Says:

    Sick work girls!! Very impressive

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