Kimberly Lansing – One of the Most Talked About Poker Girls Online

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Kimberly Lansing Poker Background

Kimberly Lansing  is a skilled poker player who is equally comfortable with poker cards or a microphone in her hand. Being a beautiful female poker player, she is one of the most talked about poker girls online.

Kimberly Lansing actually learned how to play poker on her birthday at a young age. Kimberly Lansing was in Palm Springs, her dad had a store out there where he sold video games, pool tables, and he also sold poker tables. Kimberly Lansing boyfriend, Jim Davenport, was playing poker a lot online and at local casinos and he said, “I have to teach you how to play; I think you’re going to love the game.”

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Kimberly Lansing is a pretty competitive person when it comes to playing sports and that kind of stuff. So Kimberly Lansing boyfriend taught her how to play poker and she immediately fell in love with the game. She first started off to play online poker games.

Kimberly Lansing would play online poker games at and then Kimberly Lansing boyfriend would take her, once he felt like she was ready, to the Bike and they played at Commerce and Hustler. She absolutely loved it and started getting pretty confident with her game.

Kimberly Lansing Bio

Kimberly Lansing grew up in Southern California in the town of Rancho Mirage. Kimberly Lansing has a look of an all American Girl, she is the sweet, friendly, gorgeous, and fun. Kimberly Lansing graduated from University of SC and started her career writing for Associate Press. After hosting a couple of news stations, in a very short period of time she got a job at People Magazine covering Hollywood red carpet events. She was introduced to the game at her birthday party. She immediately felt in love with the game and started to play online poker poker games. Her passion for poker landed her a new job on OnGame Network’s Poker Classic at the Casino de Barcelona.

Then, in March 2007, she reported at the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational Tournament for People Magazine. It was there that the WPT took notice of Lansing’s good looks and charming personality, in addition to the natural way she talked about poker. She was offered a job as their online hostess, a position that hadn’t previously existed and was essentially created for her. Lansing took the job, and did it well – soon she was traveling the tournament circuit, reporting live from the casino floor with news and interviews that were miles away from the flat and boring clips that had become common in the industry.

For most of her career Kimberly Lansing has been basically known as an entertainment reporter, but, as she admits, there’s a big difference between covering the Hollywood crowd and reporting on Professional Poker Players. In poker, there’s really nothing uncomfortable about it. When Kimberly Lansing is interviewing a poker player, well, it’s grueling out there. They’ play online poker games for hours upon hours upon hours, so you never know what you are going to get, what kind of a mood. Sometimes it’s more difficult getting it out of them – getting the entertainment out of them because when you are on camera you want people to stay there and watch it so you need to find something newsworthy or interesting about it, but there is nothing that Kimberly Lansing has to ask poker players that makes her nervous.

Kimberly Lansing Wiki

  • Journalist for People Magazine and InStyle Magazine
  • Online presenter for the World Poker Tour
  • Prefers cash games to tournaments
  • One of the most talked about poker girls
  • Played in WPT Ladies Night
  • Finished 8th of 445 in WPT Invitational Tournament
  • Notes Kenna James and Barry Greenstein as her favorite pros to interview
  • Lost a heads up bet to Bodog’s Jean-Robert Bellande who will decide what outfit she will wear to an upcoming WPT event – most likely Wonder Woman.

Kimberly Lansing Pics

View Kimberly Lansing pics.

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