Kid Cudi – I Poke Her Face (Feat. Kanye West & Common)

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I poke her face (feat. Kanye west & Common)
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25 Responses to “Kid Cudi – I Poke Her Face (Feat. Kanye West & Common)”

  1. TheOfficialBlackTear Says:

    I know y’all came to check out the Kid Cudi track but I’m just looking for more people to check out my only song on my page. I put effort into it and it shows by the number of likes I got, but I still want opinions on it. Youtube doesn’t offer promotion so I’m doing it on my own. Send me a friends request and I would be down with checking out the music you’re creating. I’m all about networking


  2. ilovemyhersband Says:

    kid cudi <3

  3. BdonYoo Says:

    @Dontgotcapturecard I was just kiddin bro. But look at the lyrics, he says: “give me scoliosis until i comatose’st.” and “more champagne, more toast’st.” Last time i checked you can’t just add ‘st to random words to make them rhyme. Still a great song tho.

  4. 9645k Says:

    @AkXboxEinstieN ill kill you

  5. Just4K1cks1 Says:

    hey dumb ass the name of the song is make her say

  6. Dontgotcapturecard Says:

    @BdonYoo yo none of his words are made up bro. Go get some brain in the library. Youll know what those words mean

  7. bakedbeanzz420 Says:

    349 ppl dont get pussy!!!!

  8. MrVIP1993 Says:

    Cudi is good but he aint better than Kanye no way

  9. mastertheory Says:

    @Kishigani Cudi is greater than everyone

  10. Kishigani Says:

    CuDi > KanYe… Why are we talking about… The answer is simple…

  11. surprisecko Says:

    young money < good music… that all i have to say

  12. AkXboxEinstieN Says:

    You obviously are retarded. he is a fucking rapper. Hip HOp is super duper gay. and R & B, What the hell is that. You fucking shut the fuck up. Dumb Peice Of shit

  13. BMILL5656 Says:

    @julesmister pretty sure hes rapping…

  14. julesmister Says:

    @AkXboxEinstieN cudi isnt even a rapper dumbass, hes an r and b singer and hip hop singer, stfu.

  15. wizard101ist Says:

    Common:ok guys ima start alright
    Kanye: Ima let you finish….
    Cudi:ME FIRST!!!!!!!

  16. janksauce1 Says:

    @unowen727 lol if you told Cudi he was a better rapper then kanye HE would slap you silly bro . Cudi’s great but he has a totally different style of rap and isn’t on the same level yet . but yeah fuck wayne

  17. Njanac Says:

    @unowen727 you sturted good but cudi better than common?come on!

  18. AkXboxEinstieN Says:

    kid cudi is the best rapper alive all of you are faggots if you disagree with me then call 907 715 fuck you~!

  19. Startrakk989 Says:

    @LetsGoHeels40 Im sure calling someone a fag when you barely know them makes you feel good right it’s called a comment if you don’t like it move the fuck on with your life dumbass I can say whatever the fuck I want if thats alright with you

  20. LetsGoHeels40 Says:

    @Startrakk989 fuck you Kanye is diverse, he likes to satisfy everyone. Get a life faggot.

  21. Startrakk989 Says:

    Kanyes a fuckin sellout Kudi stay on that real shit and Common <3

  22. TawianNikks Says:

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  23. elise62549 Says:

    wait im confused…..what words did they make up in this song?

  24. zhope7 Says:

    alright lil wayne is not a rapper…. not even close…. hes some poser that white people made famous… im white but dayummmm he sucks bad… cudi and kanye for life

  25. MrBobbehhh Says:

    i didnt hear kanye make up one single word

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