Keni Thomas – Shreveport 2 LA

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What a blast this video was to make. It was the first time I have worked with Keni, and he has a new huge fan in me, Not only an amazing artist, but a great person who has been through a lot. This video took us to so many locations, including Nashville and California (the Santa Monica beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Lancaster and the foothills of the valley.) Keni and I roamed around shooting the elements, and it all came together. I also met Leeann Tweeden, who played the beautiful love interest in the video. She is known for a few things, including the host of the show NBC Poker After Dark, a model, a Budweiser girl and active with the military overseas. That girl has some stories, and she is as real as it gets. I want to thank Leeann for helping coordinate the Los Angeles set ups and our friends Amy, Jason and family for helping in the desert! We did get busted by a tough female ranger/cop in the foothills (with her hand resting on her gun) for not having a permit, but I got the shots anyway! I hope you enjoy. shot and directed by glenn sweitzer / fresh films
Video Rating: 4 / 5

See Chiren LIVE at follow AtheneLOL on Twitter & Facebook / Edited and filmed by Reese015 / music by Brad Sucks (track Bad Attraction) Orchestral music put together with samples from Tania, aka ‘Hot Bitch’: / OGFurious

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50 Responses to “Keni Thomas – Shreveport 2 LA”

  1. aps81sarge Says:

    Met him as well in Afghanistan. The coolest, most unpretentious guy you could possibly meet. Go Kenni, go USA

  2. HearneNWFootball64 Says:

    my dad was a ranger that served with him. eversman, and all those rangers that went to somailia. my dad got hurt and didnt get to go. kills him inside that he didnt get to fight with he brothers, i would love to meet keni. my dad tells stories of all the crazy stuff that went on.

  3. redeemedwench Says:

    The first part of this video was shot in Hartsville, TN. The barn with the American flag and 9.11.01 painted on it is just south of town. I pass it every day headed to work in Nashville. Keni Thomas is our neighbor. We live on the same road in the area. He has the coolest Border Collie. He was my buddy, I thought, ’cause he’d wait by the road every mornin’ and run along side my car, “protecting” his yard. Haven’t seen him lately, though. God Bless you neighbor.

  4. titoortiz Says:

    Wished he would of showed more of Leeann Tweeden. I love her.

  5. gridirongal Says:

    He is an amazing speaker and very funny! He has a great story to tell about “Black Hawk Down”..he was there..real American Hero!

  6. staciamjackson Says:

    why has this song not been on the radio?? it’s amazing. i love this guys voice. i come and watch the video here on youtube almost everyday. i want to hear more of keni on the radio. he is definitely one of the best singers i have heard in a really long time. keep up the great work! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  7. ninjacycloneguy Says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite songs…ever. No lie. Underrated to such an extent is gets you depressed that this hasn’t become a mainstream smash hit. Dig the ’71 Charger in the vid. So, did Keni write this one? Wes Loper has been playing it and has it on the radio here in Mobile. I like Keni’s version better, to be honest.

  8. 22lr Says:

    Always liked this song. It will be playing nonstop on my road trip from Shreveport to LA.

  9. hondakidify Says:

    Keni Thomas is an awesome guy! he is funny to!! He spoke at are school for get real week this year!


  10. Lkadi Says:

    Nice work

  11. junojimmy4103 Says:

    i met keni thomas! he spoke and sang at our school! he even gave me his guitar pick;))) awesomeee guyyy!

  12. plugee Says:

    Go to bed! Y’all from Shreveport?

  13. peanutd22 Says:

    u tell Keni that his biggest fan is your friend on youtube!!

  14. thatbrandondude Says:

    do you go to ND

  15. WaterBuddy1 Says:

    KENI! THTS 1 OF MY DADS BEST FRIENDS! Keni is a retired ranger! He used to work with my dad at Camp Mearil! My dad is a Ranger too!

  16. SuperMetallicafan09 Says:

    im from shreveport but i live i n stonewall and its a good song

  17. Typicus Says:

    Same here.

  18. klatham92 Says:

    yeah my mom met him and said he is a great speaker and he tells his storyies in such a way it is crazy but he has a great voice and its amazing he was in the real black hawk down

  19. OneTakeMediaProd Says:

    same here! im from shreveport to!

  20. JACKNCOKE223 Says:

    I am a huge fan of Keni, and a fellow Veteran, but somehow this song escaped me… I need to pay more attention!!!

  21. AtomicFireball22 Says:

    not bad at all

  22. sweetmissdixie Says:

    Yay! I’m from Shreveport :) What a cool song. He has a fantastic voice.

  23. HeyImATalkingDog Says:

    Whens his next song coming out?

  24. 7574444051 Says:

    Awesome guy and a true patriot! My wife and I met him (and Craig Morgan) at a Pentagon concert that was televised to the troops.

  25. warrenst1955 Says:


  26. Leetfish2 Says:

    He drooled at one point of the vid.

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  30. lbret4 Says:

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  31. chocoboy02 Says:

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  32. Ace2066 Says:

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  33. bfe456 Says:

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  34. doginthemafia Says:

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  35. Reanovan Says:

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  36. WittyManQ Says:

    xbox is for people with friends.

  37. EGOMAN1AC Says:

    I hve no idea.. if his “blaa blaa im pro u suck nub im successful i have hot chick (which might be bought too)” i just a joke.. then he need to refresh his style of making videos.. Or.. hes a duche XD

  38. MultiSkeel Says:

    So what if I play tetris battle on fb ? x)

  39. alex51151 Says:

    @EGOMAN1AC man i totally agree with you i mean who makes a 6 minute video just to brag about his pc?
    i mean is this meant to be funny or what?

  40. gankmasterofnubs Says:

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  41. Hazukro Says:

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  42. alex51151 Says:

    you are a grown man and you play computer games but still you call people kiddies… thumbs up if you think this guy is an id*ot

  43. EarlyLegend Says:

    4:18 You speak nothing but truth, my friend.

  44. spdkillz3 Says:

    Well u need a haircut, new house, and a new shirt!

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  46. SmackersLP Says:

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  47. ZykesTV Says:

    Thats what i try to say to my school friends!

  48. anitlol Says:

    Athene!!! your pc is scrub !!!! but u OWN at the GGGames!

  49. megapimpsword Says:

    what are the specs of the computer? HARDCORE MOTHERFUCKER

  50. imthemanbro Says:

    my pc is so much better than yours!

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