Kendall & Ethan Play Strip Poker

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Kendall & Ethan play strip live strip poker and Ethan discovered that she cheated and didn`t deal from the bottom of the deck like she did before. He wants to get his “prize” and Kendall doesn`t want to take her “punishment” at her house. comment & rate DISCLAIMER:I do not own anything. All clip rights belong to ABC!
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “Kendall & Ethan Play Strip Poker”

  1. fashion1392 Says:

    there getting rid of this show fans we need to fight back by wrting letters to abc get the address of google it can work if u know the show Game they where actually off the air and brought back by fans lets not wait til they are off the air lets do it now #truefans

  2. kas10082005 Says:

    James Scott is freaking rocking those little briefs, and I am LOVING it. hahaha

  3. LiZaDaZy Says:

    James Scott is the sexist man on daytime!

  4. FruityPandas Says:

    I miss Kendall and Ethan. I was devastated when she married Zack. Zendall is boring. RIP Ethan. :(

  5. bee2550 Says:


  6. jessicajanek Says:

    All My Children – Ethan Cambias

  7. iansshin Says:

    What episode of what show is this

  8. MsWwe1234 Says:

    OMG its like having Luke Gallows & Luke Gallows in a team lol

  9. iloveshanedwason96 Says:

    This makes squemish…..only because Shawn is my hero…

  10. fmthebaron Says:

    HBK ruled this whole Raw and that was awesome that he drank that Bottle of Jack by himself! HBK ran that whole show back then.

  11. grillaaaarv Says:

    @Da1nOnlyKnightRider 90′s PG for ya lol

  12. jonathanhudgins Says:

    1-800-COLLECT commercial officially makes this Old School.

  13. Da1nOnlyKnightRider Says:

    cant believe this was PG, compared to the turd shits we have now lolz

  14. Asushlo Says:

    Briscoe brothers auto shop? So that’s what they did before ROH! I guess Delaware isn’t too far away from Maine.

  15. krazygreen Says:

    King – “Maybe she’s got a card hidden up her sleeves…she’s got no sleeves” XD LOL

  16. robotjj09 Says:

    @ritzygal it said in the DX book that it WAS real but HHH (and McMahon) thought it was fake

  17. ritzygal Says:

    Damn. Was that a REAL bottle of ‘Jack’ that Shawn took a swig from?

    Swear to God (uh-oh), it’s like two totally DIFFERENT people with him!

  18. ComaAlpha Says:

    Holy shit, I forgot Savio Vega even existed

  19. AMQ82 Says:

    DOA and Boriquas were the most worthless stables in history! they totally sucked!

  20. cruzzo260 Says:

    DX just do what eva they want…
    they are funny..

  21. Forston22 Says:

    Chris Jericho is my role model
    but hbk is definately a shoe in for second place :]]

  22. FamousDave2186 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more ImaHHHBKlova

  23. n3lky Says:

    me too!

  24. n3lky Says:


  25. n3lky Says:

    i love HBK

  26. ImaHHHBKlova Says:

    No offense to anyone out there, but I thought the match was pretty boring, no wonder they had DX strip for the crowd!

  27. ImaHHHBKlova Says:

    HBK does suck at playing poker….but that’s good for us lady fans!

  28. cole003f Says:

    chyna kickd hbk’s & hhh’s asses in the poker game

  29. randumbetch Says:

    i love the fact that he sucked at poker at the time lol

  30. HugeDickNick Says:

    This was when shawn wasnt a preatend christain

  31. hbkShawnMichaels6 Says:

    But rulez in undressing ;P

  32. cole003f Says:

    hbk sucks at poker

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