Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Remix) Vs. Cyndi Lauper – Ke$ha Just Wants To Have Fun

November 12, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Thanks to DJ Jay R we now have this KICK-ASS mashup of Cyndi Laupers 80s party girl anthem, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, with Ke$ has current ode to the girls who like to part-tay, TiK ToK. I couldnt think of a better two songs/artists to mash together! This mashup is genius on so many levels. Ke$ ha Just Wants To Have Fun (DJ Jay R Remix) Ke$ ha Just Wants To Have Fun (DJ Jay R Remix) Ke$ ha Just Wants To Have Fun (DJ Jay R Remix)
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23 Responses to “Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Remix) Vs. Cyndi Lauper – Ke$ha Just Wants To Have Fun”

  1. Smackdaddyoneohone Says:

    this is the most horrible thing ive ever heard in my life. Omg this is like a double dose of retardation

  2. Nic4347 Says:

    Cyndi she is a Legend

  3. CyndiftZetaTV Says:


  4. MelSings231 Says:

    2more possible titles:
    Girls just wanna get wasted
    girls just wanna get drunkk..

  5. c2djservices Says:

    made by C.H.A.O.S. proguctions which is a group of selective djs check out the website they are sick!

  6. johnny45975 Says:

    show de bola a remixagem rsrs kesha que sabe um dia vc alcança cyndi lauper rsrs

  7. demelsitass Says:


  8. Pippomone Says:

    M Ke$ha, W Cyndi!!!!!!

  9. Amelia1980sGirl Says:

    This is awsome good job!

  10. FrapEm Says:

    just goes to show anyone can sound good with a good track behind them.

  11. devonrocks6 Says:

    @ijurak181 roflmao

  12. juankgalan Says:

    Awesome! Loves it! Needs to be played in every gay club! Target that demographic n you are golden

  13. Nevetextor Says:

    You would have had a much easier time mashing this with “Time After Time,” with which it shares a slightly transposed chord progression instead of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” with which it is frankly too dissonant.

  14. iweb03 Says:

    @The3rdHiltonSister wazzzzz

  15. ijurak181 Says:

    this is scary…

  16. ness87able Says:

    damn, sounds great !
    you did an awesomee job!

  17. surfernesta Says:

    Where do I download this remix? Love it!

  18. Vagabundxxl Says:


  19. DNOMYTE Says:

    that was pretty cool

  20. The3rdHiltonSister Says:

    hate Kesha but this shit is addicting…good remix.

  21. poprocz Says:

    To a trained ear you seeem right but it actually a simple “Four” beat, lots of songs are to this same beat.
    Try it.

  22. vickimickeyg7 Says:

    kesha is really making a remix of girls just want to have fun heard on the radio i think it would be HOT

  23. dylz Says:

    this is so good!

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