Katy Perry vs FloRida – I Kissed Right Round A Girl [Ben Raver Mashup]

August 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I re-done the mashup. its now fully mastered in Stereo and HD. “I Kissed Right Round A Girl” NEW VERSION FloRida & Katy Perry [BEN RAVER MASHUP] Additional Tags: FloRida, Katy Perry, i kissed a girl, right round, Susan Boyle, Wild Horses, Alexandra Burke, bad boys, Cheryl cole, Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Why you reading the tags, 2009 HD, High definition, 720p, remix, mashup, mash, mash up, official video, Whitney Houston, Run to you, I dreamed a dream, Leona Lewis, Happy, Echo, Alexandra, burke, florida, bad, boys, kanye, leona, lewis, gaga, paparazzi, vma, mtv, susan, boyle,
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Katy Perry vs FloRida – I Kissed Right Round A Girl [Ben Raver Mashup]”

  1. djtonino2010 Says:

    Sounds Too Good

  2. alivioco Says:

    DANGDANGDANG! girl/boy whatever. SWAG! where can i download this??

  3. SinqerGurl Says:

    thats hot omg reallllyyy cool

  4. mzcolorful91 Says:

    the back round to right tround should of been the back round to i kissed a girl.
    P.S. Awesome job!

  5. lizzithelion Says:

    @sansantiagotv this is i kissed right round a girl LOL fail

  6. Archeminos Says:

    @biteme807 Aww Jealousy and Teen angst is such a hilarious combination.

  7. biteme807 Says:

    this fucking sucks

  8. Laura7AndSavanna4 Says:

    wow :-D i like this :-)

  9. teteletnono Says:


  10. sansantiagotv Says:

    i kissed a right round girl sounds better

  11. simonea214 Says:

    OMG Ke$ha is in the I Kissed a Girl video and she is also in the Right Round song! lol XD

  12. flashingdalights1234 Says:

    hey where did you find the katy perry version of I kissed a girl with the background of flo rida’s right round? I’ve been looking everywhere for it since it was at my radio station when katy perry’s version was the only song out, not flo rida’s

  13. Von5965 Says:

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  14. Sherlock709 Says:

    I love kissing girls too! I would taste off Katy’s cherry chapstick anyday!

  15. kothftw Says:

    well danm this is really good

  16. ImmaBelieve Says:

    This is like a real song!!!! I mean, if I heard it on radio I would’ve never known it was a mash-up. Seriously!!

  17. pokefanbattleman123 Says:

    wouldnt this be katty perry vs flo rida feat kesha?

  18. xXxGoldenShotxXx Says:

    Katy >:> HOT!

  19. jesusishugh Says:

    i love this song. It comes together perfectly

  20. doniboy14 Says:

    I love You Katy Perry

  21. W33p3r Says:

    sucks :<

  22. origamifreakk Says:

    get a free youtube mp3 converter (just google it it should come up) and then post the url into the thing and its a good way to get music :D

  23. MichelleDrew2782 Says:

    i love? this video!!!!!!!! KatyPerry brand-new tunes on
    are fanastic

  24. lachkanone1000 Says:

    geile schei├če xD ^^

  25. skabat805 Says:

    I love how the two songs you picked both had Ke$ha in them. She sings in “Right Round” and is in the video for “I kissed a Girl”.

  26. chereeO Says:

    THANK GOD I dont live in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. FieldMarshalRommel23 Says:

    OMG! TEXAS should be carpet bombed!

  28. TheplaystationOWNZ Says:

    THANK GOD i live in california

  29. Sanquinity Says:

    @johnnysbubbletop63 Don’t group the entire world with just America. Here, for one, bullying and such, when found out, is handled mostly fairly. Talking it out, suspending the RIGHT people, getting parents maybe if needed. That’s it. Heck I broke a girl’s big toe once when I was 15 or 16. Was on accident of course. What happened? Well…nothing for me. Because she was bullying me and it was an accident. She just went to the hospital to get it treated.

  30. thebestlawyerintown Says:

    thats so stupid. if it was not for the poor girl telling her testimony I would have thought this was fake wow not good !

  31. johnnysbubbletop63 Says:

    @CrisKG125 I really feel ya on that one. The only reason why I even bother to wake up is just to see my own mother. Beyond that, I agree; this evil world can fuck off.

  32. johnnysbubbletop63 Says:

    If I ever have kids–and that’s very unlikely–they’re definitely not going to a public anything b/c the shitholes they are. If I were her, I’d bring a discrimination suit so fast against that PS, they’d go broke a second later.

  33. KaptinFathead Says:

    @drunkendan I went through the same BS, to this day Im still dealing with past issues…. 7 years of bullying. I feel for those going through bullying, no one should be bullied.

  34. GodlyKev Says:

    Reminds me of myself of how I used to be bullied by my class mates who then attacked me and then when I defended myself and kicked their asses I got into trouble for it…

  35. tallprincess1122 Says:

    @CrisKG125 dont say dat im sure u have a great life

  36. CrisKG125 Says:

    I fucking hate everyone in this world. Life sucks and I wish I was never born in this useless world. Everyone sucks and life is not worth living, because of these stupid nothings that live the planet with me that make this planet a waste of time.

  37. jxsilicon9 Says:


    I remember one time someone tried to bully me in the grade school days. Punched that asshole in the face and that ended it.

  38. buddyakin Says:

    @kokofan50 Seems a lot of people end up ‘doing time’ in Texas – best of luck!

  39. legofanguyvid Says:

    only do it in cd flukes its so bad i wouldent be suprised if they had plutonium and uranium and einstiens E = mc2 i would and woldent be suprised if the made an atom bomb strap it to a car,van,ect riding a bomb cart to their death

  40. wheewheetiger Says:

    That’s ridiculous! You go to school to learn how to behave so that when you go into the real society, you won’t end up in court!

  41. SNESkelly Says:

    Americans are stupid. Fact.

  42. JermzzzyFTW Says:

    She got a fine for spraying perfume on herself? What…the…fuck?

  43. devilfan1965 Says:

    anything for money…thats our corrupt system…federal,state level. This is the problem with BIG GOVERNMENT.

  44. westerwildcatsrock Says:

    these schools and other people are a bunch on retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F them!

  45. wyckydsceptre2099 Says:

    @TwiztedAnimator How do you know that she didn’t stink? I feel sorry for the girl, sometimes it takes some kids longer to be, or find their nitch, than it does others. The mom should be trying to guide her kid toward adulthood rather than being an excuse making enabler.

  46. TwiztedAnimator Says:

    @wyckydsceptre2099 If anyone was being disruptive, it was the person who told the girl that she stinks! The person DOING the bullying is the disruptive one here, not the other way around.

  47. TwiztedAnimator Says:

    The school system in USA is so damn corrupt. I graduated High School back in 2000 and it was just as messed up then. Too many ignorant people become teachers for the 3 months vacation and Union membership. Very few teachers actually care about the kids, they just want to get through their day, go home, pop some pills and take shots of Jager. When my teacher told me that she doesn’t care if I pass or fail because she gets paid the same amount either way… I knew something was wrong.

  48. 1SeekingJustice Says:

    Check out the video response I attached. Not sufficient evidence!

  49. wyckydsceptre2099 Says:

    Ticketing the her was assinine but the girl was being disruptive.

  50. muntasir20 Says:


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