Katy Perry – Firework (Habbo Version) // Gianpu

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This is version of Katy Perry Firework Enjoys!! (C) 2010 HabboVisa Records EMA 2010 Shakira Katy Perry Lady Gaga

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50 Responses to “Katy Perry – Firework (Habbo Version) // Gianpu”

  1. HabboMoviezz Says:

    @2002serkan That’s not funny, did you see the real vid? -.-

  2. PervyXMe Says:

    Stupid that habbo’s cant kiss >: anyway really nice vid<3.

  3. 2002serkan Says:

    the noob 0:55 HAHAHAH XD

  4. GaTTiNaDoLShE Says:

    Ma nooooooooooooo!Siete arrivati fino a questo,brutti cojonazzì drogati di quella merdatà di habbo che fa spendere soldi inutilmente, e prendete in giro pure katy D: Ma morite va!!

  5. PixelVision123 Says:

    esta cancion me hace recordar al 4 de julio y en fin de año!

  6. rebeldemania8827 Says:

    adogeuii S2

  7. LexisProduction Says:


  8. MrKoolkev007 Says:


  9. TheMango32 Says:

    re bien echo esta

  10. escuper0304 Says:

    como lo haces wey?

  11. caatarininha Says:

    como se faz isso?

  12. RodrigoBarreto11 Says:

    Uma garota chamada Lauren estava andando em uma floresta, e de repente desapareceu, ninguém nunca encontrou até 200x, quando uma outra menina chamada Maria encontrou o corpo e marcas em seu peito dizendo: não foi o suficiente bonito “e agora você leu isso, ela aparecerá em seu espelho dizendo que não são bonitas o suficiente e matá-lo! (pela forma como a menina chamada Mary morreu pouco depois) Para salvar você colar isso em outras 5 videos.ESTO VERDADEIRO(fui obrigado a ler

  13. Skillgames100 Says:

    eca 2 viado

  14. escuper0304 Says:

    y ese santaclaus? XD

  15. MegaSjoske Says:

    -xxx-joyce hihihihih

  16. daulusmoretto Says:

    uau …ficou perfeito prabens

  17. vavarockforever Says:

    Cara o HabboVisa é muito Bom olhem os da Lady Gaga Fikou Otimo muito bom merece os Parabens de todos e quem não gostou faz melhor duvido!!!

  18. damaris9163 Says:

    awesome *.*

  19. progamamundolimpo Says:

    adoreei :D

  20. DiceplayaFilm Says:

    Habbo operates an under age sex and gambling ring.. Protect your kids! Contact the police!

  21. Maisa313 Says:


  22. megaosito12 Says:

    que lindo video!

  23. abacarvalho1 Says:

    odeio essa musica mas ficou legal o video

  24. combateification Says:

    aaaaa te amo katy perry oigan sabian qe los padres de katy perry eran como campesinos

  25. PimperlyTeAmo Says:

    mt Boooomm adorei otimooo



  27. memetci3 Says:

    I know you’re lyrics so when someone plays the original, i misspell:(

  28. Andra007S Says:

    really nice ^^

  29. dmillissa Says:

    Woww <3 I was aboslutely blown away when I heard this.. Suchh amazing talent.. Wayy betterr (: Keep itt upp.. Ohh. You gott anotherr fan, love (;

  30. megaglitchfinder Says:

    You are way better then justin bieber!
    You should try entering singing competitions , it’ll make you famous!

  31. arkasaur Says:

    one day when u famous u gonna forgot bout ur youtube subscriber….btw whats your youtube background image?i kinda like though

  32. 85RetroFan Says:

    @kennedythalexclusive hmm, better version!

  33. GuitarGirlization Says:

    u better know ur blessed with that amzin voice! kee goin :-)

  34. DavetheRave35 Says:

    Why was Justin Bieber picked up from youtube? It should’ve been you….

  35. deeeeeeezzzzaaaa Says:

    i can’t stop listening to this it amazing!!!!

  36. blueberry917 Says:

    wow! just good as original
    like your acccent in this song i did enjoy listening to it

  37. kennedythalexclusive Says:

    @KingJamieIV Thumbs up to that! Thanks!! #RihannaNAVY

  38. Psych0o14 Says:

    thinking out loud literally can you hear me? only if i speak

  39. dudenotfeed Says:


  40. KingJamieIV Says:

    I love this, I always listen to your version instead of rhiannas now! pure class!

  41. aishacadenza Says:

    hey check out kes the band here on youtube, he’s a singer from my country (trinidad and tobago). You sound similar to him :D . He sang the song that played during the interview videos for the miss universe. You’ll be famous soon I can already hear it hehehe.

  42. MoreMusicToStayAlive Says:

    Your voice is amazing !

  43. LeenaWasHere Says:

    lol 1:12-1:18 haha Beautifful

  44. IvaniSamaTVHD Says:

    And right on my birthday :D I’ve decided! I’m Gonna subscribe :D

  45. IvaniSamaTVHD Says:


  46. MsNei08 Says:

    now…….71 pipo can’t sing,how can u dislike this?! justsayin

  47. MsNei08 Says:

    wow…need i say more!

  48. Nelanlol Says:

    @HOUZEXPLOSIONS lol @ lil wayne, most overrated rapper ever

  49. 12cutewinnie Says:

    he made me to like diz song


    nice dawg,,,you should do a cover ya ga Lil Wayne-how to love,,,,i know you gonna kill it

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