Katherine Lynch's WonderWomen Episode 1 Part 2

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So i made this a long time ago but i never posted it up xD i just relised that out of my “finished folder” this and California girls were the only ones in the folder that havent been uploaded xD so here you go. was made out of boredom. so enjoy or not xD thats your choice lols I also have a couple others that are close to being done, but once those are finished i wont be making anymore till closer to or after Sakura con xD I own nothing! Song: Bad Romance by: Lady Gaga videos used in order: Honey Honey: www.youtube.com Kiramekirari (couldnt find the one i used but it wasnt mine) this is the dance: www.youtube.com Magnet Dance: www.youtube.com Lonely Tropical Fish: www.youtube.com World is mine: www.youtube.com Rin Len Romantic Night: www.youtube.com Strobo Nights (vid used wa made by me but heres the dance): www.youtube.com Bakunyu Ondo: www.youtube.com We Are Pop Candy: www.youtube.com Balalaika: www.youtube.com
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44 Responses to “Katherine Lynch's WonderWomen Episode 1 Part 2”

  1. AislingOwens Says:

    @dublincool86 @nbrado Ahh lighten up people

  2. dublincool86 Says:

    @nbrado From which part of the bog does the word ‘Jackeen’ originate? I find it amusing when Irish people who can’t speck English correctly are quick to insult those who can. Get some cock in your own mouth mate and you might feel better ;) And do not engage in a war of words with me; you will lose.

  3. nbrado Says:

    @dublincool86 sorry could you repear yourself you jackeen cunt? I couldnt hear you for all the dub innercity cock you have gubbing around in that rat faced little mouth you have.

  4. dublincool86 Says:

    @nbrado Typical culchie. Foul mouth, and clearly no sense of humour since you consider this junkie slut to be funny. Justice will be served if every cell in her obese body erupts into an aggressive cancer that eats her alive. Save your retarded non-observations for another two-bit lump from de cuntry.

  5. nbrado Says:

    @dublincool86 typical dub! no sense of humour. Jackeen cunt!

  6. dublincool86 Says:

    Katherine Lynch is nothing but a foul-mouthed, dirty-minded, overweight piece of scumbag traveller trash. She is obscenely vulgar, and lacks any form of talent whatsoever. She only gets air time becasue there is dirty money behind her. Justice would be served if she chokes on her own vomit immediately.

  7. TopgearFanatic98 Says:

    @Ravin2kx Its actually……… “Tell your mammy i was ASKING 4 her”

  8. TopgearFanatic98 Says:

    5.03 !! Thumb up if funniest bit of the video! XD

  9. dublinbarterclub Says:

    She is brilliant.It is nice to see an Irish comedienne doing so well.

  10. birdman404 Says:

    funny as fuck

  11. philie2305 Says:

    Im i talkin japanese!!! f**kin brilliant
    i always had a soft spot for willie lol

  12. philie2305 Says:

    Im i talkin japanese!!! f**kin brilliant

  13. philie2305 Says:

    Yes i know two girls like her

  14. Ravin2kx Says:

    “tell your mammy i was lookin for her” XD

  15. Yamifan100 Says:

    why do people find this funny? I don’t I only watched one episode of this when it was on and hated it,

  16. irishcomedians Says:

    i’m putting together a collection of ireland’s best comedians on my channel. all suggestions taken.

  17. moroney1 Says:

    there’ll always b a lot of h8 trwrds tho who go to the extreme, but katherine forget the haters, ur very funny

  18. eltonj4 Says:

    You fat fucking disgrace,not a bit funny,no wonder the country is fucked when people laugh at this OAF.

  19. fulcrum100 Says:

    @johnnylondis My God, you’re right, john. everyone’s image is for free. Brilliant. Especially when it’s wrapped around this ineffable nadir of television.

  20. DJEMMEY25 Says:

    @lujkenny Go and suck my nob you slut!

  21. DJEMMEY25 Says:

    @johnnylondis The world would be a much brighter place if Katherine Lynch wasn’t in it

  22. johnnylondis Says:

    @DJEMMEY25 Indeed. I can see your sense of humour shining through there, mate. Keep on smiling my friend – you’re making the world a brighter place.

  23. ReachIsBeast Says:

    *clicks on video*
    *watches video*
    *sits in silence*
    *gives standing ovation*

  24. KatsuyaKaiba4ever Says:

    @KawaiiBunnyPyun actually im a chick, but either way xD if ya dun like it that’s cool~ to each his own *shrug*

  25. KawaiiBunnyPyun Says:

    This is complete crap. Obviously this guy was bored. = A =

  26. DanikatxD Says:

    2:09 wtf?

  27. katifacation2 Says:

    lol @2:10 the shion girls. xD

  28. Hinatasama15 Says:

    Holy crap! You actually used part of my video? I’m kinda flattered~ XD

  29. UnpleasentValley Says:

    i’ve been looking for an excuse to listen to this song… thank you!!

  30. machinimafan27 Says:


  31. machinimafan27 Says:


  32. Raina363 Says:


  33. Sweetzcoco606 Says:


  34. Sweetzcoco606 Says:

    @FallenDarkAngelice Nope dat’s nawt you. DAT’Z HATSUNE MIKUE O^O

  35. FallenDarkAngelice Says:

    I am the devil angel girl! I called it! That is me! BOO YAH!

  36. penguinpiebizzle Says:

    @ 1:00 :O miku ACTUALLY GOT A HAIRCUT

  37. KatsuyaKaiba4ever Says:

    @BlackHandRedHand Well thank you! xD im glad you liked it! =D

  38. BlackHandRedHand Says:

    wow…I was expecting this to be crap xD Just when I was about to click on a differen video I started watching it and I was like 0-0
    Itt=’s really well put together!

  39. ToraleiStripe2001 Says:


  40. ToraleiStripe2001 Says:

    1:11 is so monster high !! XD

  41. 123oreoyoyo Says:

    u dont know vocaloids do u????

  42. recklesslass Says:

    what video maker did you use to make this video

  43. xXEddieWangXx Says:

    Pretty good
    have u noticed they have hella long hair
    P.S THERES A FUCKIN LESBIAN SCENE like this if u agree

  44. KatsuyaKaiba4ever Says:

    @Luluoid I did, Its all under the video in the description…..

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