Kate Miller-Heidke – Australian Idol

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Copyright* Sony BMG Australia. An exclusive track from Kate’s “Comikaze EP” which is rare.

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25 Responses to “Kate Miller-Heidke – Australian Idol”

  1. TookMyTaco Says:

    Marcia, Dicko and whoever that other guy is disliked this.

  2. Danzavare Says:

    Clearly Marsha, Dicko and that other guy don’t approve of this song. : P

  3. wickedthemusicalau Says:


  4. LarniKate Says:

    Oh my gosh she is hillarious

  5. awpicteesh Says:

    I met her!

  6. feelfreakyhott Says:

    3 people were on australian idol and failed.

  7. o0oKHFANo0o Says:

    I liked it better in her live version where she kind of merged the words together so it went “shove it up your assssss….ssstralian idol”

  8. sally65356 Says:

    lol at the tags for this video :)

  9. 2girls1freak Says:


  10. sheree91 Says:

    love it! – lol

  11. TheSami1973 Says:

    @tatunkha oh fuck she is lol

  12. TheSami1973 Says:

    English here and she is bloody awesome!!

  13. rhani189 Says:

    this is ridicuasly, amazingly, gorgussly funny (and i dont care how many mistakes i made in that!) she is beautiful x

  14. tatunkha Says:

    @hpgeneration totally agree. I think she is laughing at Aussie Idol.

  15. tatunkha Says:

    @randyhiatt Kate Bush isn’t classically trained though.

  16. tatunkha Says:

    Another sweetly irreverant tune. Brilliant. Thanks for upload.

  17. annachamberlin Says:

    she roxxx :) can you get this on itunes or limewire?

  18. iEnjoyPickels Says:

    @owlsgohoot I KNOW! I love them both :D

  19. randyhiatt Says:

    Kate Bush come to mind :)

  20. myyKINDALOVee Says:

    she is a genius!

  21. paddlesh Says:


  22. kokie67 Says:

    thanks^^ ..this is the first time i hear the original track !

  23. VeraChuckandDave Says:

    I’d love someone to go on Australian Idol and sing this song.

  24. owlsgohoot Says:

    i love this woman! reminds me of sia too.

  25. TheChavsStoleMeName Says:

    Shove it up your AAAAAAAAAAAARSE!

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