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The first sneak peak of what’s to come on the upcoming mixtape from myself…. your boy, Bagginz…. “It’s Only A Matter Of Time” “It’s Only A Matter Of Time” Download Link- www.hotnewhiphop.com Facebook- “Trevor Eckman Facebook Fan Page- www.facebook.com Twitter- “Tbagz13″ For booking email: bagginzmanagement@gmail.com LYRICS: Right now my lifes livin in fast forward and when i jump, my head hits the back board I’m with my boy JOEY C its time to get more You boys are underground? i’m on the 10th floor i’m the best homey, so i never hate you like puttin strangers down i just can’t really relate I’m from the NY, I’m proud to rep my state I got so many flows, i’m like the great lakes I like talkin bout my life 19 but homey i ain’t lookin for a wife gangster rap is dead and simply outa the discussion inlove with hip hop, got a passion for percussion so i keep bustin i spit it no joke they see my white smoke waitin for this kids eruption yea its really nothing I can’t wait for the day that all my teachers talk about me and say that there student turned into something (i did it) i’m really good, but i don’t mean to brag i’m from penfield, my name is T bagz these girls love me, i’m like free bagz hardwood floors, so i gave em knee pads musics now my life and its more than a hobby i’m the green monster so your never gonna rob me yall are prolly puffin on some brown like bobby but i ain’t famous yet, so i can meet you in the lobby Chorus: MY LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE SO IM KEEPIN IT
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A mashup with My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas and Hollaback Girl with Gwen Stefani: My Hollaback Girl’s Humps. Mp3-song available for download at www.pytski.nl. Unfortunately just a slide-show, if you enjoy creating videomashes you can try this one!

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50 Responses to “Just Chill – Bagginz”

  1. vrcelex Says:

    Great song . You guys are going places!!

  2. DivaHeart585 Says:

    love the beat an lyrics

  3. surielsteven Says:

    93 to infinity

  4. RocHardMusik Says:

    yo good work with this beat, “til infinity” is a great instrumental

  5. beat80cj Says:

    The beat is on it!! I like this.

  6. kevinGman69 Says:

    @KingXgenesis I can get the best programs for free. i know how to do all that too. i was into music production a few years ago.

  7. KingXgenesis Says:

    @kevinGman69 o wow, well what about like an audio editing program?

  8. kevinGman69 Says:

    @KingXgenesis you dont need to studio to get studio sound. just a comp and a 60 dollar mic in a closed off rooom and you got perfect sound. its all really easy

  9. KingXgenesis Says:

    @kevinGman69 wow man i had no idea, seriously my plan was to get a studio together over the next couple of years, and meanwhile i would just practice..when i start doing stuff i will really hit you up because i still have a long ways to go, but i actually take it serious..i got yo number

  10. kevinGman69 Says:

    @KingXgenesis Nah yo i would take it seriously. ik how to do all that shit. You never seen me kick rymes :P

  11. KingXgenesis Says:

    @kevinGman69 lol dude that would be funny as hell, for real man we should

  12. kevinGman69 Says:

    @KingXgenesis We should make a song

  13. kevinGman69 Says:

    @KingXgenesis We should make a song

  14. RocHardMusik Says:

    absoultly amazing…

  15. gway1111 Says:

    ur sick. i live in webster. my freind showed me this. u got talent

  16. 399haze Says:

    Good shit

  17. soljajlg3 Says:

    killed it! doin it big mann

  18. kevinGman69 Says:

    Dood really listen to me. your really good. but the only thing holding you back is your name.

  19. sexy134516 Says:

    omg guys we have found the next slim shady

  20. konkretekid39 Says:

    im feelin it baggins u tear this up

  21. lamperisus Says:

    Keep up the good work. Love this beat and the verse.

  22. KingXgenesis Says:

    nice man i love this, great track..i am also working hard to find my sound and flow..when i do over the years i will also start to release stuff..so keep up the good work and Rep 585 and God Bless!

  23. AWest7 Says:

    spittn fire – all day – good shit

  24. ItsReallyYoungT Says:

    murder kiddd shits ill they aint readdyy thoo

  25. trackstar1455 Says:

    well done son, cant wait til theres more

  26. Jorddudeness13 Says:

    It can be my hollaback humps or my humps hollaback LOL!!!

  27. Feleciapink22 Says:

    More Gwen ftw!! :) Gwen Stefani pwns fergie ;-p

  28. 15malle Says:

    woooooewww nice!!

  29. Kylesque Says:

    Great mashups.

  30. 75tffan Says:

    you’ve got too many Peas with your Bananas- and I do love the Peas!

  31. DjMagicBaron Says:


  32. pixie49751 Says:

    go bep

  33. ashleysoftball08 Says:


  34. Reneeend Says:

    sounds awesome
    it’s a mash, not a mess :’)

  35. blackeyedpeasfan4eve Says:

    good !!!

  36. NDandGwenVids2 Says:


  37. 07Georgia07 Says:

    wow i love it

  38. mydogisnotaaron Says:

    u r so good at remixing songs!!!!

  39. kitkiuchiha Says:

    awesomness!!!!! maybe you could do a gwen vs. fergie? that would be friggen luscious!!!

  40. 428x25580 Says:

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  41. softcelltainted22 Says:

    ha! i hate “my humps” but this is great!!

  42. chubbyfragileheart Says:

    That’s cool. This should have been on their cd as a bonus track or something =)

  43. pkbvidz Says:

    Yes I am, this was one of my first mashups I made back in 2005.

  44. chubbyfragileheart Says:

    are u the original creator of this mashup??

  45. anaaaaal Says:

    I want to Bone Gwen Stefani.

  46. LOVE2W4TCH Says:

    Awesome remix! ^^

  47. xoxofishes Says:

    its a good mix but too much fergie

  48. FHABW Says:

    i think its perfect!

  49. lulabelle134 Says:

    WoW this is soo creative of you, but i agree with everyone else that u need more gwen in this! <33

  50. Frankthecoolblue Says:

    Woooooow ^X_o^ Awesome song you really know how to mix songs. I want this song :p

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