Joyful moments at LSE (summer school 2009)

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LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, July/August 2009. This is a selection of pictures taken by many international students who decided to attend a Summer School programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science in summer 2009… this slideshow represents the funniest moments of 3 fantastic weeks in London! The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research university specialised in the social sciences located in London, United Kingdom, and a constituent college of the federal University of London. “I GOTTA FEELING” is the second single from American group The Black Eyed Peas’ fifth studio album “The END”, produced by the French DJ David Guetta. “POKER FACE” is the second single from American songwriter Lady Gaga’s debut album “The Fame”, produced by the Moroccan producer RedOne. LONDON : summer_09 (The Godfather meets GoodFellas!)
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Crisp, Clear & Extreme all in HD! Shot & Created by Adrian Ibanez @ the Mollis Festival 4.5.2008 Music: Quantic-Don’t Joke With a Hungry Man __________________________________ Be sure to subscribe to the Adrenaline Addicted Channel for more great vids!
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27 Responses to “Joyful moments at LSE (summer school 2009)”

  1. cergravini7 Says:

    What I need to be there?

  2. asdkhan94 Says:

    awesum … moments.. i wanna take admission in masters… whats the fee of mba? any rough idea!!!

  3. TheHomeNationsParty Says:

    @MyAttractive You need to get a 1st or 2:1 degree :)

  4. MyAttractive Says:

    i would like to do my masters from here do we need high merit to get into it ?

  5. delasantos Says:

    I used it to supplement some course credits in my degree back home, in that sense it wasn’t a waste of time. However, if you want to use it to go around harping that you went to LSE or expecting to be able to claim that you are LSE trained, then it certainly is not what you are looking for. Veneratio is exaggerating a bit, their program is quite good, as long as your remember it is SUMMER SCHOOL.

  6. jeamim Says:

    @Veneratio10 I agree, but if I have to do a bachelor from LSE or Cambridge, I need to do it, to show that I am acquainted to the British education system, right?

  7. spritesevenup Says:

    this looked so fun! 

  8. Veneratio10 Says:

    The truth is, it’s an utter waste of money. Unless you’re going to do a proper bachelor, masters or doctorate from the LSE, it’s worth absolutely nothing on paper.

  9. 06jtm Says:

    @angbgood13 This isn’t summer school… Its a university. One of the best in what it does.

  10. WhyYouStealMyName Says:

    What do you do at Summer School? Do you get a degree?

  11. JohnnyTRex99 Says:

    Is that a cigarette underneath the “no smoking” sign?

  12. fivejaws Says:

    I think it is about 1200 for current students and 1500 for external students

  13. AnnaLoganRiversby Says:

    how much was it?

  14. bioshockfan14 Says:

    Wow man … looks like a great communuty! … i would really love to go to LSE … i’m doing my A-levels right now gotta bring it!

  15. Nannocss Says:

    HAHAAH 2:00 You fail :) 

  16. AdrenalineAddicted Says:

    I’ve tried replying before with a link to a map but I guess it didn’t show.
    Its in Switzerland, you will find it on google maps, would give you a direct link but seems its not allowed?
    Tight lines,

  17. paraglidingbabe Says:

    Hi, great video but i tried to find out where it is and i coudn’t. could you please say where it is that you are flying in this video. Thank you

  18. funkydrgonzo Says:

    what for a song is running here?

  19. breakerjay Says:

    the song you play in the background, huge in the bboy scene.

  20. ParaSitni Says:

    Nice helico!;)

  21. FLYINGSMJO Says:


  22. devilflyers Says:

    cool video

  23. kostasriggas Says:


  24. MICHAELJL1 Says:


  25. texQLD Says:

    cool vid

  26. flyhghgy Says:

    Great video!

  27. skyRcho Says:

    SUPER : )
    Very good video :)

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