Joe Rogan on Greyson Chance "Lady Gaga Paparazzi Cover" (explicit)

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Excerpt from The Joe Rogan Experience #67 (12/30/10) Joe Rogan, Hal Sparks, & Redban comment on the cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” done by Greyson Michael Chance. Very funny and lewd stuff, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Be sure to check out The Joe Rogan Experience on iTunes here & check out Joe’s blog here
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25 Responses to “Joe Rogan on Greyson Chance "Lady Gaga Paparazzi Cover" (explicit)”

  1. FilfyGames Says:

    @keleic Your an idiot, didnt you listen? THEY WERE PRAISING HIM! “Motherfucker” is used in a positive way…

  2. shogun996 Says:

    @keleic You must be dumb or very young. They’re actually praising him. It’s a guy’s way of giving someone A LOT of credit.

  3. badjer1785 Says:

    @keleic motherfucker in this context is a positive reference

  4. jimmyPain2121 Says:

    @keleic ahah grow up you pussy

  5. HeLovesCulture Says:

    Exactly. I loathe 98% pure stinking animal shit pop music and like Joe, even I was fascinated by this video. The little fucker is so oddly talented for a middle schooler and most should be able to see that.

    It’s so oddly fascinating to watch indeed.

  6. daltonj2317 Says:

    “I bet it smells like a fish store.”

    Fucking classic

  7. SERIOUSCmusic Says:

    @yahoopl3 lol this guy hates joe because hes one of those negitive douches he talks about, or joe had an oppinion about someone who does something and he does that something! LOL

  8. Anatole0883 Says:

    I love her. I think she’s the future of pop music and an inspiration to a lot of people including me. ;D – Naked Lady Gaga. NET – -

  9. Noga36 Says:

    @yahoopl3 the kid is doing a shitty song but Joe’s point is completely relevant; He’s fucking talented for an 11 year old. what could you do then? fuck all. i can play guitar like a motherfucker now but back when i was 11 i wasnt hot shit. you need to take some mushrooms and reflect on your life you dillhole, or your doomed to be a negative blip of energy forever. Justin beiber is tainted by fame and lost his actual potential and talent awhile ago. Your niether. either way, eat shit.

  10. nokomisnichols Says:

    thats fuckin hilarious. i wonder if the room smells the same. man yall gotta quit now my side is hurting from laughter. everyone should laugh. its good for your spirit.

  11. DR270 Says:

    had me crack up so bad,i did that pig sound shit lol

  12. PaulYall27 Says:

    Awesome, this is my favorite podcast episode. Im not even a big Hal Sparks fan, I just thought the whole episode was fascinating.

  13. TheMarshymc Says:

    whats that comment at the top about… i’d kill to have joe rogan call me a mother fucker!!

  14. yahoopl3 Says:

    Joe Rogan is such a fucking imbecile…he sounds just like he did when he was talking about Lesnar before Brock started getting his ass kicked in the UFC…Greyson Chance is no justin bieber…he’s just some talented doofus in junior high who will go nowhere with a professional career…a dime a dozen…rogan gets his panties wet over nothing, as usual

  15. opodoll Says:

    @Keleic your an idiot

  16. heedokush Says:

    @keleic u need to lighten up and smoke a joint

  17. COPPERH3ART Says:


  18. Desertbiker125 Says:

    This is so excruciatingly funny. The leftover church influence from my childhood is telling me not to laugh, but the intelligent part of me is overpowering it and cracking up.

  19. MmaNcovers Says:

    Joe rogan always has to over think shit.

  20. qp9lq9tecs Says:

    smell’s like a fish store HAHAHAHAHA

  21. Hectectica Says:


    You missed the entire point of this video.

  22. ejp93 Says:

    @WunHunDread loooool nice! haha

  23. DelbyC Says:

    They’re basically calling him a god, that he’s connecting to the goddamn Hindu gods themselves! This went right over your head.

  24. WunHunDread Says:

    @keleic I wouldn’t expect anyone that posts vids about Ashlee Simpson to understand

  25. HeLovesCulture Says:

    “It smells the same as a fish store”

    LMAO Most. Brilliant. Rogan. Line. In. Months!!!

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