Jimmy Fricke – Loving His First WSOP

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Amanda Leatherman talks to Jimmy Fricke before his dinner break in the 00 NL event. Jimmy talks about loving his first WSOP, as he’s already made one final table. They also chat about his stack in today’s event, and how he accumulated 50k chips. WSOP 2008
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25 Responses to “Jimmy Fricke – Loving His First WSOP”

  1. girlie347 Says:

    @sydneymassive Don’t know why you say that, that he’s rich.

    I was just about to post I feel sorry for Jimmy. He got really famous for losing to Gus Hansen in the aussie millions 2007. Since then, nothing at all. Just one win in a bellagio weekly $5000 in 2008, but even Jennifer Tilly has won one of those. This interview is from 2008, when he was still promising, but if he knew that from then on he’d never win anything again, he wouldn’t do that interview.

    Some poker players

  2. sydneymassive Says:

    He’s fat, ugly, wheres glasses and is going bald. At least he’s rich, he might have a chance.

  3. RStreetlife Says:

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  4. slatz20 Says:

    @WaspSnG what a fuck joke comment from you…Poker has fucking nothing to do with Skill..only fuck luck decides who wins…

  5. champions20000009 Says:


  6. remcotorken Says:

    lolled @ ‘i’m gonna let you go, it’s dinner break.’
    with jimmy fricke, it’s always dinner break

  7. HDMGDH Says:

    Its Peter Griffin

  8. HDMGDH Says:

    @JeeRaph it was a sear… not a bet

  9. JeeRaph Says:

    @HDMGDH That’s a pretty tough bet. I call.

  10. HDMGDH Says:

    @JeeRaph i swear he doesnt screw any hot girl…

  11. JeeRaph Says:

    @HDMGDH Ya. Them millionaires have trouble with the ladies.

  12. SmotPoker09 Says:

    peter griffin

  13. TAS1337 Says:

    With so much money i would buy a haircut

  14. DjaMelaque Says:

    He looks like southern trash lesbian

  15. Teqo7 Says:

    Jimmy Fricke is ugliest and fattest poker player ever. But hes good at it.

  16. decimvs Says:

    I like this guy. He’ll marry a hot chick in a few years cuz he’s richer and smarter and friendlier than all his peers who are so much cooler than him

  17. justas8111 Says:

    Lol he’s already balding…

  18. NegreanuDan84 Says:

    Rofl. lets play today my full tilt ID is vurlic4182 =D

    And yeah
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    I think its the recommended way if your a beginner to start with a nice bank roll.. They will double your first deposit oh and a few other sexy perks. Its only going work for the first 2000 players that create an account usin this

  19. serratop Says:

    Ive heard she went to his hotel room with him after the tourney

  20. MrDoctorTomas Says:

    @RabosTroll u’re stalker

  21. RabosTroll Says:

    I wonder how jimmy frickes feet smell and his mouth breath

  22. mikeaprice09 Says:

    FIT!!!!!! That blonde chick ent too bad either!

  23. SmotPoker09 Says:

    stop insult him, hes good player, he would buy all ur mommy’s with his winning

  24. GamblingMachina Says:


  25. ryunaki Says:

    look at her when talking

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