Jesse McCartney needs his Snippers!

February 24, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Jesse McCartney needs his snippers before he goes on stage @ 107-9 The End’s Jingle Ball in Sacramento! Haha
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Lady Gaga ft Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common – Poker Face (Lyrics) i like this song so much because of lady gaga acoustic live strip poker face DONT REMOVE

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50 Responses to “Jesse McCartney needs his Snippers!”

  1. BonnieMac588 Says:

    OMG I’m totally LMAO right now. *takes a deep breath* god I love Jesse, he is too funny.

  2. badarko98 Says:

    Funny! I love him!

  3. Bubzymeforever Says:

    Lmfao! He’s So Cute And Funny!

  4. MissVogue90 Says:

    Omg! I can’t stop laughing!

  5. tobiasrockeford Says:

    i like it LoL i love jesse and i love his smile WOW !! really funny

  6. ccile65 Says:

    @katofrie Of course he’s joking !

  7. katofrie Says:

    At first I was mad at him ’cause I thought he meant it… but he’s joking right? He would sing if he got no nippers?… confused…

  8. kimperry90210 Says:

    haha omgg halerious!!! “no nippers no vocals”!!! :) ) cant stop laughingg!!just loveee his sense of humor!!XD XD

  9. MissVogue90 Says:

    Andrew…nippers!!! x””DD LMAO xD oh my..i can’t stop laughing!

  10. MissVogue90 Says:

    his thank u is the best :D i can give him my nippers xD

  11. animefan1491 Says:

    So funny

  12. doublesexything Says:

    hahaha this is great I love him he is so funny and adorable. “no nippers no vocals” hahaha

  13. BeautifulMcFeltSoul Says:

    LOL omg he’s so cute I think I might faint!!! xD

  14. Donnay1998 Says:

    Lol he is zo cute!! hes mine!!

  15. PrincessNicole101 Says:

    LOL!!!! :) He is so Fucking Hot!!!!!!!!

  16. 7LovinDaLife Says:


  17. XxLaSsSeczkaxX Says:

    hahahha Jesse is the best <3

  18. indfreefall Says:

    7 Days (Originally by Craig David) covered by Jesse McCartney


  19. 426HaDeel426 Says:

    hahahaha gOoOod job jesse no nippers no vocals no nippers no vocals no nippers no vocals no nippers no vocals no nippers no vocals hahaha thats right ;)

  20. paperangel3333 Says:

    lol, love the smile ;)

  21. 1995yilin Says:

    This is awsome.I’ve never seen Jesse do anything like this

  22. KarryUndercover7 Says:

    hahahahah i love him <3

  23. tuttiefruttieifiable Says:

    Can’t stop laughing!!!

  24. christinabirbilis Says:

    I lmfao!!

  25. mrsjesseaamccartney Says:

    I love him soooooo funny

  26. sa84209 Says:

    adorei essa musica

  27. sa84209 Says:


  28. 5starStones Says:


  29. yellopanda Says:

    cudi, kanye , common super group

  30. thejustin23g Says:

    everyone quit arguing about whos song it is!! lady gaga doesnt need this song! she has more fans, money, fans, and a lot more album sales than kid cudi.

  31. iloveeyebrow Says:

    lady gaga<3

  32. aliyliyah Says:

    This song, Is sooooo inappropriate. Lawl.

  33. NereoAndGracie101 Says:

    when i first heard this on Pandora.. im like… ok i love this songg

  34. balancebull Says:

    Gaga is the best part of this song.

  35. fatonapinet Says:

    dont fight bout ga ga this is cudi’s song

  36. middymaid Says:

    thats horrid she dosnt worship the devil shes awsome

  37. middymaid Says:

    it goes like oh oh oh oh when i poke her face

  38. isha55154 Says:

    I do hate when people say things that aren’t true about her but when they say she’s weird, I can understand that. She’s not ordinary, kind of strange actually. A lot of the clothes she wears are unusual. So I can see how people would think she’s weird. But I think they can go ahead and think that. But respect the fact that she’s different. Because she most definately is weird. But for me, in a good way ;)

  39. stevieraysaganski Says:

    she worships the devil, therfor she should burn in hell with him,

  40. SassyTia97 Says:

    bump to this song while driving down the street with cuzion,her man and all
    his friends. hella fun times : )

  41. MrSmierdziel Says:

    seks :D

  42. danxiie Says:

    is this impromptu?

  43. hxsctrlaltdel Says:

    cudii fan for life

  44. sploveme1 Says:

    finnaly abetter version f poker face

  45. fanofmussic Says:


  46. TATGemini Says:

    Kid TEARS IT UP!!!

  47. jajaismahname0522 Says:

    looooooove it<3

  48. DarkneszYTB Says:

    @canadakidwwe -_____- do you stalk me or something
    and lady gaga barely does songs with other singers

  49. canadakidwwe Says:

    @DarkneszYTB STFU the dude is right her song is worthless without everyone else in the song

  50. DarkneszYTB Says:

    @philyeagles202 i dont understand? lady gaga is best singer in this song the others are nothing compared to her :P

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