Jersey Shore Strip Poker!

March 06, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Some guidos attempt to have a fun strip live strip poker game, when something goes wrong.
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6 Responses to “Jersey Shore Strip Poker!”

  1. Jokester1338 Says:

    guy strip poker = gay, thought you people would know that

  2. STDMyths101 Says:

    Talk about STD prevention & testing with your friends. STDs are common, in part, because we don’t talk about it. Social stigma?

  3. dukedj3 Says:

    I believe “dum” ends with a ‘b’ lol.

  4. cedahood25 Says:

    u guys r mad dum lol

  5. takingyourtime Says:

    just a bunch’a dudes lol

  6. casefacex03 Says:


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