James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)

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Probably the hardest poker real money game ever played. Enjoy!
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High Stakes Poker – Hansen Negreanu – Big Pot

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50 Responses to “James Bond is all-in (last poker hand in Casino Royale)”

  1. bvolsky Says:

    wow. takes some skill to bluff your way through A STRAIGHT FLUSH. jeez.

  2. DiepSpartan117 Says:

    wtf man u just need a 4 diamonds and put on the table if u dont put it he will get the king and he doesnt make no since this poke r is easy ill teach u james bond u suck

  3. JohnnyCornslice Says:

    Sick slowroll from Bond.

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  5. blaupunkt600 Says:

    you forgot the last part, when bond gives the dealer a $500k tip lol

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  22. avocationfjordpa Says:

    I love your video

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  24. gshankaran Says:

    @mrokshot I see nothing wrong in the way this hand is played. They had already committed 24 mil (6 mil by each player) to the pot by the time they hit turn. Obviously it makes no sense for either of the short stacks to just fold their hand, not when you have a strong flush (first guy), a full house, and a second, higher full house. If the short stacks had folded, they wouldn’t have lasted 2 more big blinds. Perfectly acceptable play right there. It is an insane hand that you just cannot lay down

  25. 2328joly Says:

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  26. haroonKS Says:

    @Poya6666 i dont think you’ll ever have to worry about playing such high stakes.

  27. Poya6666 Says:

    thats why I never will play poker with real money…

  28. Nybo257 Says:


    there would have been no difference, how can there be more action on the river than one player moving all-in and the other player calls?

  29. comedianoh Says:

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  30. avocationfjordpa Says:

    I like your video

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  34. iamnotquite Says:

    i think Negraenu has never imagine the there is quad outside….

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  37. Fr33co Says:

    so bad gus is now -8m =D

  38. generalgeewhiz Says:

    so, so , so fucking sick.

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  42. dedeldr Says:

    4:18 sooo funny!

  43. RKOfromNOWHERE Says:


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  45. AdolfsSlave Says:


  46. akmd114379 Says:

    im glad negreanu gets hansen back in HSP season 6 by winning a 400K pot when gus has pocket q’s and negreanu flops top 2 pair and they both go all in on the flop

  47. frettingjugglebkc Says:

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  48. alexandregareau Says:

    Lucky hansen


    david grey is a faggot ;]

  50. Hallo22775 Says:

    these ? :D

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