Is Online Poker Illegal?

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is-online-poker-illegal Is Online Poker Illegal?

In 2006 Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act a law which seeks to keep you from playing poker over the Internet. This misguided law can be curtailed, and the PPA is working right now with Congress to establish new laws that clarify the legal status of poker and establish licensed and regulated Internet poker in the U.S.

The PPA has gradually turned towards the movement to legalize and regulate online poker at the state level. In Florida, calls for legalized intrastate online poker have been building, leading PPA Executive Director John Pappas to testify in front of the Florida Senate Regulated Industries Committee in February.

Is Online Poker Legal in Florida?

Florida is contemplating a single-source provider of online poker, i.e. one poker website. PPA is concerned that the lack of competition and consumer choice could also negatively impact the player experience. Players will be bored with one site and they currently like the ability to play on multiple sites.

Is Online Poker Legal in Delaware?

In Delaware and Pennsylvania, legislation has been passed in 2010 introducing and expanding table games, including poker. The PPA welcomes this as a first step in advancing opportunities for poker players to play games of skill such as Texas Hold’em in a licensed and regulated atmosphere. Table games will likely debut in the middle of 2010 and the Sands Corporation has set a target rollout date of July 1st.

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