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Nobody, but nobody has a live strip poker face like the rose bride’s signature blank look & polite smile. Watch Himemiya Anthy show off her live strip poker face as she plays games with and against her brother Ohtori Akio, and against the unsuspecting duelists (Utena, Saionji, Juri, Miki, Nanami etc). Yet…
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49 Responses to “iphone girl live strip poker face video”

  1. OzzyPatriot Says:

    I’m with the cat.

  2. BritBrit1997 Says:

    that so cool

  3. omaro0oz Says:

    I hate it when girls have multicolor nails

  4. Jnaynay444 Says:

    that is so awsome!! =D

  5. LadySakure Says:

    I couldn’t stop looking at the cat for some reason.

  6. bobaboiz03 Says:

    When you’re hot, you don’t need talent

  7. pelesith Says:

    she so cute…

  8. AnakinTheXIII Says:

    that was a scary cat

  9. iMattlyn Says:

    what is hers the first application?

  10. roundup123 Says:

    Thumbs up if you kept watching this video til the end just because of the girl

  11. CREEPER7O7 Says:

    ur GoooOood

  12. mik3mx09 Says:

    Americas got talent enter! lol

  13. attackoftheglobules Says:

    Amazing, but I don’t think it would have worked if she wasn’t such a good singer.

  14. AngellMariie Says:

    This is really good …
    I like it.
    The one thing that surprised me is that she has that many iphones…

  15. siteofdaniel Says:

    wow, your high notes almost shattered my eardrumbs

  16. alphaQ10 Says:

    i won’t make fun of this cuz she’s hot

  17. wightboi12 Says:

    @earias777 LOL!!!! That’s the first thing I noticed too!!!

  18. yunky58 Says:

    Wah she is so great and beautiful!

  19. 1000japi Says:

    She’s seriously bulffin’ with her muffin

  20. earias777 Says:

    did anyone else notice that massive looking cat in the background?

  21. louislujun Says:

    smart girl

  22. OSKPhoenix Says:

    thats awesome. go girl

  23. tayla96luvsnick Says:

    Wow your amazing My mum told me bout this and crudness

  24. Salvador7537 Says:

    lol i guess that’s kinda cool… lol she’s cute though

  25. TOrvash Says:


    I agree, less effects would make it infinitely better. This is a perfect song for Anthy.

  26. KatzeFuchs Says:

    Awesome choice of song to represent Anthy. Really great video concept and I loved your use of scenes. However I have to echo the small handful of comments: I would have liked it a lot better with less effects. The work is great! But with the excessive effects it’s…’messy’ I guess it the best word. Cluttered.

    I love your fan fics, btw. :3

  27. UrbanBeast55 Says:

    Wow, I always hated this song….But the way you used it here actually gives it a much deeper meaning. Kudos :D

  28. MrsLimeaid Says:

    Good AMV

  29. FemaleSpock Says:

    Great video! The song really fits with Anthy!

  30. HammerInPeace Says:

    Agreed. The choice of effects and their placement is kinda tacky and distracting.

  31. KiruBanzai Says:

    Is there, like, a low effects version of this video? Because I love your theme and your choice of song is perfect but blood is coming out of my eyes when I try to point them at this

  32. Paigethedemon Says:

    You… did well. I approve. :D

  33. xSATOxCHANx Says:

    Yeah it looks like Anthy was the inspiration for Lady Gaga :P

  34. TheCarydal Says:

    It’s funny how old this anime is…

    I’m glad the fan base is still strong. I’m glad I found empty movement :D .

  35. MamaStrega Says:

    i love videos that go into anthy’s dark side that so many fans don’t seem to remember. the manipulator, the witch. thank you for that…

  36. Magami1984 Says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks a lot. You did great job.

  37. JamisonArimoto Says:

    Haha, you know, just today I was thinking that Poker Face would make an excellent Himemiya-centric Utena AMV, so I searched Youtube and lo, I found this! Damn, I love this website. Fantastic video, A+++.

  38. AnimentalCosplayer Says:

    This song suits Anthy so perfectly, especially the true meaning of this song. haha xD
    Flawless editing too, I’ve been watching this on repeat :]

  39. guillemtor3 Says:

    Im a big fan of Anthy, she´s *W* and this song its made for her XD

  40. ameritakushoujo Says:

    I am beginning o wonder if Gaga is an Utena fan. It would explain so much.

  41. sharnii Says:

    Yeah, I reckon so. :)

  42. sharnii Says:

    Yay! I love Lady Gaga with Utena too.

  43. sharnii Says:

    Awesome, great to hear. :D

  44. astralvigilante Says:

    This is actually a really good song for their relationship.

  45. IchibanCourtesan Says:

    This is the best match ever. I love this!

  46. Daryenta Says:

    genial¡¡¡¡¡ its a fantastic video =^-^= hope you make some more ill be happy of watching them

  47. minnymoon1360 Says:

    i really like how in the moive and tv show they show 2 diffrent faces of anthy, Moive = Slut/suddutive, the sexer side of her. and the tv show we see the mask that “she” has to put up, bucuse of akio, but the mask stearts to crack and finalley we get to see the “real” anthy at the end, wich is nice. :)

  48. sharnii Says:

    Aw it’s really nice of you to say, I’m flattered. ^^ I’m so glad you like the fic as well as the amvs. I certainly love creating them!

    Alas I’m no good at other fan-activities such as drawing. ;p Can’t sing either. *grins*

  49. sharnii Says:

    So very true :)

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