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December 17, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video twitter profile http istardom.comnamed Stella TOP TEN INTERNET MODEL 2008 Stella is back and asking you to join her. Stella also has lots of new pictures and video, but because Youtube is so picky, you will have to go to her web site and her web site store to see them. Be sure to check back from time to time as they will be updated. Except for not being able to notify her fans the timing couldn’t be better. Stella completed shooting a pilot that has been tentatively (nothing is certain until it is on the air) picked up for February 2010 air date and she has a regular recurring role. Of course there were the usual parties and red carpet events to keep her busy too. it has been a long time. The last time Stella posted a video that wasn’t banned Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy were alive, the Lockerbee bomber was in prison, people still had their Clunkers, and the dow jones was under 7000. Stella grew up outside Boston, though she moved to West Palm Beach at an early age. She won her first beauty pageant there, and was given a glimpse of the land of beaches and land of trump near worth avenue. She was treated to trips to Dubai, Aruba, Bermuda, Cancun, Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, Paris and Punta Cana as well as the places in the USA such as Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, New York, Washington, Key West, Atlanta and even Niagra Falls. Her dream was to go to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for a shot at Hollywood stardom. She wanted to go to the Ivy and see
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50 Responses to “Invitation from Stella”

  1. harrypotter307 Says:

    Mistress Stella it would be an honnor for you to tie me up. But first i need details on whats going to happen.

  2. harrypotter307 Says:

    It would be an honer of you would tie me up Mistress, but I think I’m to young :(

  3. orao568 Says:

    stella i love you you can tie me anytime

  4. orao568 Says:

    stella i love you you can tie me anytime

  5. orao568 Says:

    Stella i love you you can tie me anytime

  6. orao568 Says:

    Stella i love you you can tie me anytime

  7. orao568 Says:

    tie me up Mistress

  8. stellastewart Says:


    next time no excuses

  9. obedientworm Says:


    Sorry Mistress Stella, i did not get your message in time. i seriously did not think you would waste your time with me. i think you responded two days ago. i am in Australia so there would be a time difference also. You are my Goddess and i will bow at your feet.

  10. stellastewart Says:


    can you be here this afternoon?

  11. obedientworm Says:

    me, me, me, pick me please Mistress.

  12. motherducker1313 Says:


  13. TRCourtman Says:

    Stella you can tie me or handcuff me anytime

  14. TRCourtman Says:

    Hey Stella you can tie me up anytime

  15. MusicMan53100 Says:


  16. progh100 Says:

    you’r so hot

  17. progh100 Says:

    tie me up!!!

  18. progh100 Says:

    no take me your so hot (and of course take te whip with you)

  19. progh100 Says:

    no take me your so hot (stupid youtube)

  20. THeMasterSHadow Says:

    Lock me up ive been looking for a mistress

  21. therealevanchu Says:

    Tie me up!!!

  22. nickticket Says:

    (gdennisg2) bro bet ur one of those loser still living with their mother peto loners chill out and get a girlfriend …..

  23. maxandpaddy77 Says:

    plz tie me up plz i will come to you

  24. gdennisg2 Says:

    so you are both? and omg so hot!

  25. gdennisg2 Says:

    so you are both? and omg so hot!

  26. rodsteelaces Says:


  27. natinion3 Says:

    he was drunk when he played that night

  28. neasone Says:

    I came how drunk last night and ended up busting my whole bankroll that I have been building for a year. I usually play NL10, but it didn’t go the way I wanted and I ended up moving up until I was at 1/2. I had built that roll from $50 dollars, trying to improve my game. I’m just so mad at myself for wasting everything in such a short time. I don’t live of poker, but it still hurts. I beat my own stakes pretty hard. Do you think it would be an idea for me to get staked by a poker friend?

  29. newsleaker1 Says:

    You will never get over that 20k unless you see a hypnotherapist

  30. ron126 Says:

    fake and gay

  31. pitbullash Says:

    Bullshit story

  32. longjohnw86 Says:


  33. nbaolam Says:

    reminds me of my story, i built up a bankroll of $2960 FROM $50!!! i was going to cash all out the next day to pay bills, but decided to make another $40 to make an even $3000. Long story short……LOST IT ALL (except $25) in 6 hours!! WORST DAY EVER!!! my brain hurt so bad after that session. !! BUT !! i did play again a month later and made about $5000 after a few months of grinding, til party poker shut down( the mother fuckers). your story breaks my heart bro, thanks for posting.GOOD LUCK

  34. gottagetaway Says:

    Ive been playing poker for a few years now and I’m very confident I could play for a living. I would like to know how you set out on that path? at the moment I can not afford to use propper bankroll management to build up a large enough bankroll to play the limits that will sustain me. Im forced to play with only a few buy ins at large limits to pay rent because it would take years to build it on small limits. would you recommend saving? having a partner also make this very difficult.

  35. MegaMetalman999 Says:

    @theEVhero Hi I play poker for living. I used to play £0.50- £1 with bankroll of £1000. 4 months ago I moved to london to play £1-£2 game. I normally sit down with £400 which is max limit and I started with bankroll of £2000. I made £11000 profit in 2 months which took me long time to make that much but I have lost £4000 in 3 days. I really dont know how to deal with bad runs. one more thing I need to know If I lose one buy in shall I stop or continue playing?

  36. araujooo16 Says:

    @yama9997 what alot of pros say is you should be playin with 5% of your bankroll, so if you wan to play 2/5 you should have a 5-10K bankroll, but i dont no for if u wanna move up to pro

  37. niko455 Says:

    how much for fixed limit?

  38. rayvanpersie Says:


  39. Izaak247 Says:

    I’m pretty sure if that 20k story happened to me, I’d of quickly found a bridge… ;)

  40. ledoyle Says:

    @theEVhero how do concentrate on so many tables?

  41. yama9997 Says:

    I like to play 2/5 or 5/5 no limit. What kind of bankroll do I need to start playing as pro?

  42. Gamubi Says:

    Funny even when you learn your lesson sometimes you still get caught. I finally realized today that winning money in poker means nothing, bank roll management and setting rules for yourself and sticking to them is all that matters….and having value in every doller in your bankroll.

  43. theEVhero Says:

    @cannabisbisbisbisbis 240 is quite amitious sir. I wouldn’t do that. I think you’ll be unhappy with who you become as a person doing that for months straight. To play winning poker it requires deep focus all the time. If you have seen my videos or my website you’ll see I’ve been super slack most of this year. I’m having a hard time finding motivation to play lately. If you can do 240 hours go for it. But you may find yourself not liking who you become. Just keep things balanced man.

  44. cannabisbisbisbisbis Says:

    so how many hours do you usually play? im a little over my head but when i go pro i wanna be playing 240hrs a month. probably too ambitious, but for the first couple of months yes.. then maybe slow down to 160hrs later on

  45. heavyw420 Says:

    I put 15 onto full tilt last week, and I am up over 100 buy grinding out the 1.10 45 mans and a a few similar mtts.

    The gain is good, but taking me forever single tabling these things, and not to comfortable yet on multi.

    Do you suggest I keep playing the mtt, or should I learn the cash games instead? Like I said, I only got 100 on there now, but I would like to keep building. Let me know your opinion on the best way to build it up.

    Keep bustin up them tables buddy

  46. James3zs Says:

    @ledoyle You run into more coolers but you also run into more of your set over their set etc… But yeah I know what you mean about being able to play anyime.

  47. James3zs Says:

    @ledoyle You run into more coolers but you also run into more of your set over their set etc… But yeah I know what you mean about being able to play.

  48. ledoyle Says:

    @James3zs I do play online but onlines so addictive, i play 4so long i just see so many coolers and end up down;set over set house over house, I know it happens live too but you see so many more hands online ur bound to run into them more often especially with rush poker, plus i thinks its too easy to get distracted and not concentrate on the hand like i dnt kno how u guys manage to concentrate on 20 tables at a time. Plus i normally play live when im in a good state of mind,online i play anytim

  49. James3zs Says:

    @ledoyle Why not play online instead?

  50. ledoyle Says:

    @theEVhero lol cheers mate good video u got here, how do u concentrate on like 20 tables online at the same time? lol i can only manage about 6. Do you think trying to stick to tournemounts instead would be a better idea until i build a bigger bankroll?

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