Invisible Rope

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Once upon a cloudy overcast day three young men set out to dick around with cars. Burger king mcdonalds printers strip live strip poker gambling erics girlfriend wont stop texting him lol jk jk but for real chris jones practice was kinda hard today bruce made us run some stupid ass intervals up a damn muddy hill and barnes was blacker than sin. jk barnes we love you. larson is a god. nike air jordan the evolution of dance dancing robot soulja boy tell em do the motorcycle snap morgan james maura laughlin hellen keller can read basketballs. that was mean eric said it. lol joe is on his way here. i hope fazolis is good tonight and enjoying the new breadsticks. stuntin is a habit. kim and brad are going to outback, whats new? sharpie markers dell computers wise man once told me that if you follow the north star you can run a 10 30 two mile much like the defending county champion and once triple crown winner micheal mead did. jalen matney runs track.
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Looks like she failed the weigh-in for this strip live strip poker game. It sucks to see her go, but the rules exist for a reason.
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20 Responses to “Invisible Rope”

  1. MDMmarcusdibblemedia Says:

    haha check out my INVISIBLE ROPE on my channel or /watch?v=lDIlu__MwS4

  2. MsFishguy Says:

    Try it on a police car

  3. noobsht Says:

    why did u do pressups and nice acting lol
    u didnt use invisible rope lol

  4. JNellyyy Says:

    lol,im gonna do that;)

  5. gould1966 Says:

    Oh sh*t! thats a good one. Thats better than a dollor on a fishing line.

  6. Meggeart Says:

    why is this movie hilarious every time i watch it? and why is michael in all of your movies but you neglect to mention his sister won county too! arrrggghh!! lol :) you guys rock.

  7. emericask8r130 Says:

    same here hahaha

  8. littledancerchick92 Says:

    I dont get it?? Why did the cars slow down?

  9. Lockerrssx Says:

    I tried this..AND IT WORKED!All the cars stopped!

  10. WernBall4 Says:

    Hahah i loved it guys…keep it up

  11. ih8stalebluntz Says:

    This turns into a porno I seen it….the black bitch is sexy

  12. huggy68 Says:

    this is actually why i love white bitches!

  13. periesicsd Says:

    the other girl looks like she was on KassemG, there tht girl was a pornstar?!?!

  14. RickDiggityTick Says:

    Even tables wont support whores.

  15. lukem23 Says:

    who is this chick? pornstar?

  16. billytheimpaler Says:

    That looks like some seriously sweet ‘tang. I’d be all over that.

  17. maco708 Says:

    DANG that sucks

  18. Miscreant435 Says:

    and yet she still knocked back the drink……that -a-girl…!!!!

  19. TurkishButcher Says:

    I hope that table is okay.

  20. PUMPERPHIL Says:

    This bitch is fat as fuk

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