Interview with Norman J. Feitelson, WWII veteran. CCSU Veterans History Project

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Interview conducted by Eileen Hurst. Norman Feitelson tried to enlist in the US Air Force in 1942, but failed the entrance exam due to an eye test. He then decided to wait to enter the service until he was drafted. He was drafted into the US Army with 18 others from Waterbury, Ct in June of 1943. He went to basic training at Camp Edwards, which was in Cape Cod, Ma. He attended basic training for eleven months, where he learned how to be a range setter for an anti-aircraft unit. He describes the training as very difficult because of the weather and terrain of Massachusetts in the summertime. Although his unit (836th Anti-aircraft Battalion), was supposed to ship overseas in anticipation of D-Day, instead the unit was disassembled and the soldiers were broken into different divisions. Feitelson was placed in an infantry unit, and shipped to Fort Dix for infantry and artillery training. He was then sent to Louisiana and Fort Bragg before going overseas. Feitelson sailed to Scotland with 30, 000 other soldiers and was assigned to the 5th infantry division, 11th infantry regiment as a replacement just after the Battle of the Bulge. His job in this unit was to operate an automatic rifle which weighed 17 ½ pounds, and had to be carried everywhere. Just two days after landing in France to join his unit, he experienced combat during the Battle of Bitburg. On his very first patrol he saw men killed. Feitelson describes what the men ate and the conditions of living in a combat
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  1. bajnaj73 Says:

    This man might have known my Grandfather 5th inf div 11th inf regiment, co B. It would be interesting to talk to him. He was in Iceland and caught Strep which lead to Rheumatic heart disease. He had to fight the whole time in Europe short of breath etc. Somehow he survived. Finally in 1969 he had to have a valve replaced in his heart, major at the time. We lost him in Feb of 1988. Still miss him.

  2. ZiddersRooFurry Says:

    @brucencalifornia Well said. Thank you for your service, Sir. There are people who recognize the risks you took, and the sacrifices you made. Thank you so much!!!!!!! -Chris Adams. And for shame, whoever disliked this.

  3. It9LpBFS37 Says:

    he is a legend

  4. brucencalifornia Says:

    thanks for TRANSCRIBER: Nancy Gregory :)

  5. brucencalifornia Says:

    Ahoy CCSUVHP consider the back-light when recording
    I causes a hard-ship on people with Cataracts

  6. brucencalifornia Says:

    Norman J. Feitelson thanks so much. your memories are what makes this country
    want to carry on, people who knew what they were doing.
    how nice that is.Some persons remain enlisted because of that.
    A Wonderful Man, Basketball Captain/Corpral
    Like when radar o’ was a corp/capt (GREAT) in Mash
    Wonderful Memories of post war activites being welcomed home/school/life/marriage/death/teaching/young minds/parcel post driver/campers/ renewal/
    Personalized by “I’m not a killer” with that smile

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