Insured girls

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fetele si rca-ul

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  1. zoomproductionro Says:

    cata inspiratie… si acum sa vedem de unde vine : /watch?v=4ArXuQwjj7Q&feature=player_embedded

  2. horacedan Says:

    great production , great cast, great director

  3. nevan005 Says:

    Does anybody know the music of this ? I’d like to find it without the video…

  4. cubuletzul Says:

    @777shades Well, don’t worry about me, my sarcasm detector is ok. It’s just that it detected a bad joke. On the other hand, your political correctness device seems to be out of order.

  5. 777shades Says:

    @cubuletzul I think your sarcasm detector is broken. It was a joke.

  6. cubuletzul Says:

    @777shades Aussie, does this camp pay taxes?

    “WELCOME to Witch Camp Australia. This is a general information page where you can obtain links and find out what’s happening with the Witch Camp Australia project, as well as viewing the galleries and write ups of past events. We encourage you to get in touch by contacting us.”

    I would’ve given you the link if ytb had allowed me to. Just search for Witch Camp Australia. By the way, we don’t have this kind of stuff in Romania…

  7. Gabizzle3 Says:

    Now I know why I renewed my auto insurance.

  8. Redgrant80 Says:

    @gotocrch You know what, you’re right.

  9. felixnedelcu Says:

    Super Sexy CPR ripoff!!! Cute, but a ripoff nevertheless!

  10. gotocrch Says:

    @Redgrant80 shes got those nice red dick sucking lips though

  11. thisshouldsay2K Says:

    @choascityteam That’s why they crashed. XD

  12. choascityteam Says:

    HAHA thats so funny what are the Romanians thinking? Woman can’t drive.

  13. psychospinny Says:

    @yozfloryn fix poola
    check Super Sexy CPR sau Sexy heimlich si o sa vezi ca e copiata

  14. Redgrant80 Says:

    All we get in the states is ugly ass Flo.

  15. crinoss2 Says:

    why are them even dressed?
    porque van vestidas?

  16. postman31 Says:

    do i need a translation or that titles doesn’t mean anything significant? love the copy! :)

  17. donnipeppone Says:

    ASIROM vechi cu o astfel de video cool. bravo

  18. justcocacola Says:

    I fapped to this.

  19. yozfloryn Says:

    imaginatie bogata au romani :D

  20. mojo4jojo Says:

    Berry nice-a!

  21. BobBX542 Says:

    Sooooo, Romania seems pretty cool.

  22. xlataupeQCx Says:


  23. 777shades Says:

    Geez Romania… First you make the witches pay tax, now you need insurance to be a lesbian?

  24. ryudatuba Says:

    Best. Commercial. Ever.

  25. largoembargo Says:

    boner insurance

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