Inside Poker Seven

March 22, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

2005 Cardplayer of the Year Awards, an interview with Mike “the mouth” Matusow and Matt Savage on the River
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My version of the Lady GaGa song Pokerface. I tried to put together some sort of video for it and this was the result..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “Inside Poker Seven”

  1. 91Holdem Says:



    Mike has come a LONG WAY in 4 years from
    Blowups, to STRUCTURED play…

  3. nevler035 Says:

    lol phil ivey is funny

  4. doudou061 Says:

    So perfect, so beautiful! thank you, you touch deep my soul…

  5. nanochai Says:

    just wanted to say thanks for all your comments!! they mean a lot to me. Rudi x

  6. sauceykat Says:

    HOLY. CRAP. This is A-MAZING! Added to my favourites! BRAVO!!!

  7. DesperateSims Says:

    So good!

  8. angelpuckett01 Says:

    its good but the gaga´s version its better

  9. StevenJKpower Says:

    waaaaw. if my ears had tear ducts, they would cry! lovely singing

  10. cagadeira007 Says:

    love ur madonna versions

  11. QueenMarple Says:

    How Do I Get Hold Of This Song!!!

  12. TheKinkyShrink Says:

    Love this so much.

  13. Untrue1978 Says:

    Wow – fantastic version!!

  14. madonna1975 Says:

    amazing rudi

  15. TheAjSummers Says:

    Amazing! Come to see my remake of beautiful liar!

  16. Rbafa Says:

    This song is hard to sing acoustic, but you did it. Congratulations :)

  17. xojacksparrow3x Says:

    beautiful <3

  18. birobic Says:

    Beautiful version of poker face. Love

  19. siti122lop Says:

    WOW esta genial

  20. RobWilloughby Says:

    Absolutely fantastic.

  21. rikeysnape Says:

    YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING. Oh My God. No offence, but I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular but wow, you blew me away. Amazing voice and amazing version of this song <3

  22. CarrotLettuce Says:


  23. ytmarmalade Says:

    You and Gaga need to get together and write! Your voice is great!!!

  24. gitn Says:

    Love this really great voice cant stop listening to it :D

  25. woopibaby Says:

    Hey Ruds!!!

  26. BackToBlack7 Says:


  27. darknightwitch Says:

    omg omg i LOVE this!

  28. KonkowTwo Says:

    This is beautiful…truly beautiful Rudi! 5 stars and the works for you! You deserve it! I’d so buy this if it was on iTunes! Just sayin’. :)

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