Ideas for poker "chips" to play with?

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Question by Mary C: Ideas for poker “chips” to play with?
Okay, so I will be hosting a poker real money and we’ve decided not to play for money, and not to do anything like strip poker.
Are there any interesting things we can use as chips to bet with? Something that would be fun?
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I’ve decided to go with tiny individually wrapped sweets such as Starbursts or chocolate kisses. That way no germs, but there’s still some incentive to win!

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Answer by acwwxpert
Tell everyone to bring a bag of flavoured chips or chip-like snacks. Then, everyone will end out with a tasty treat.

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3 Responses to “Ideas for poker "chips" to play with?”

  1. Tyler Says:

    A couple of years ago I went to my bi-weekly game I was playing in at the time and the guys running the game were no shows. Well there was about 6 of us there to play so we decided to go to one of their apartments to play. There was a problem though, nobody had chips. So one of the guys ended up going to the grocery store and he bought tic-tacs, you know the candy. Three different colors and we were set. It was very interesting playing that game but it really worked the same as chips and it ended up working out fine. On the other hand you could just go to your local drug store and buy some plastic chips as I see them all the time. They shouldn’t be expensive and it will be like a real game.

  2. LegFuJohnson Says:

    Something that would be fun? The chips are just a way to keep “score” in poker, they aren’t supposed to be part of the game. The game of poker is the part that’s fun.

    Use monopoly money, who cares.

  3. pdq Says:


    The only problem with that, or with any other food item, is that people will be touching them with their grimy hands. If anyone actually wants to eat them, it might be a bit ‘germy’.

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