I Love My Sex by Benny Benassi

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my twitter twitter.com Song: I Love My Sex by Benny Benassi this is my video collaboration to I Love My Sex by Benny Benassi props to… Benny Benassi Britney Spears: My Prerogative, Circus, If U Seek Amy, Womanizer, Toxic, Piece of Me, Gimme More Lady GaGa: LoveGame, Poker Face Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up, Bottle Pop Hilary Duff: Stranger Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl Ciara: Love Sex Magic (Featuring Justin Timberlake) *No Copyright Infringment*

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25 Responses to “I Love My Sex by Benny Benassi”

  1. maiAlotaibi Says:

    NICE…. as i always say Benny is the mannnn !

  2. SoundMassive Says:

    hey man u made a really cool video!!! it came out perfectly!!! congrats!

  3. marsel07 Says:

    just good work !!! i like it, fabulous :) ))

  4. JoshLong87 Says:

    put the shit on repeat to come to this.

  5. rottencactus28 Says:

    this song is awsome, and so is the video, thank you for making this and it has great timing too!

  6. claudlinee Says:


  7. TheRocky1024 Says:

    wrote this comment with my left hand

  8. anubis520 Says:

    really well made video, timed perfectly

  9. CLIFF25ful Says:


  10. MsSani1984 Says:


  11. TheProphocideLove13 Says:

    Lady Gaga <3

  12. captainecook2 Says:

    i love my sex ,

    ca c clair

  13. Picnue Says:

    @cornzplosion virgins?

  14. p3dro165 Says:

    I came.
    I listened.
    I came.

  15. Mikej1592 Says:

    the best edited video on the internet!

  16. cornzplosion Says:

    11 people are vergions

  17. sweetfragola Says:

    great work! :) 

  18. egertlinkmann555 Says:

    These women have strange kitchens 

  19. isiscitlalmina Says:

    love the video!

  20. Anthony15481 Says:

    This song is a good song to hook up with a bunch of hot bitches!! :P

  21. sp581237 Says:

    check the cover i did witht his song! SUper sick thumbs up! Its under : Ambiguous - Bastian P.

  22. manuelli001 Says:

    well done….nice nice takes

  23. funkadelicskye Says:

    i luv thiz song

  24. boomboomben Says:


  25. BIuejay Says:


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