I Kissed a Girl (Cover) – Coeur de Pirate

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Recorded live at Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa Canada. April 12th, 2009 Coeur de Pirate aka Béatrice Martin, covering Katy Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’

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25 Responses to “I Kissed a Girl (Cover) – Coeur de Pirate”

  1. nektiac351 Says:

    I love her voice.

  2. thoughtsandflowers Says:

    your voice is so weird but i like it very much ♥

  3. stells13hiro Says:

    Очень круто=)) (Very good, tres bien)

  4. AlanzYoung Says:

    @villasukat figured that out after I wrote that. but thanks :)

  5. viennachten Says:

    je t´aime beatriz tu es tres belle et tres sexy avec de piano

  6. cymbaline53 Says:

    way better than the orig…

  7. latinavip Says:

    She triggers my gaydar bigtime.

  8. lalalove1994 Says:

    shes like a French Adele. =]

  9. villasukat Says:

    @AlanzYoung nope. canadian.

  10. ecaflipp1928 Says:

    @3plus3is7 Ctune quebécoise !

  11. AlanzYoung Says:

    @3plus3is7 She’s french… one of the best artists as of late :)

  12. quaxxac Says:

    Somewhere is normal quality? 0_o i just like this too much to listen this quality 100 times a day =)

  13. amileahx Says:

    This is so much better than the original version!
    Amy, United Kingdom

  14. MrSina96 Says:

    i like it

  15. Mylaine1 Says:

    wow tu chante bien coeur de piate

  16. SpazzyChick01 Says:

    I’d kiss her and like it.

  17. oldschoolcaddilac Says:

    The venue is called Zaphod Beeblebrox? that’s awesome, it must be in the top three hippest place in the universe. Hitchiker’s guide to the universe win.

  18. giners49 Says:

    so much better than the original. wow.

  19. sunsetreadygo Says:

    My teacher told me had a totally different music style some years ago, and I just think it´s looks a little bit funny cause when you just hear her voice, you´d expect a shy well-behaved girl, and then the tatoos….. It wasnt meant mean, I just think it´s funny… :D

  20. alicebaxtercranaham Says:

    @sunsetreadygo what do tattoos have to do with a style of music….??

  21. sunsetreadygo Says:

    @wowitshardtogetaname yes, me too, but I really think the tattoos don´t fit to her music style :D

  22. Tyms01 Says:

    Criss de plote, quand tu reprends un track, faut qu’tu sois meilleur que celle qui le chante… caliss d’innocente.

  23. SabrinaFairForever Says:

    this version is way better. love love love her voice!

  24. melkant Says:

    better version

  25. themonkeyz Says:

    @PeaceLoveLaura26 Hahaha ouais pas besoin d’auto-tune pour Coeur de Pirate!

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