I Kissed A Girl By A Faylene Sky

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Katy’s Final music project. I Kissed A Girl by A Faylene Sky

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25 Responses to “I Kissed A Girl By A Faylene Sky”

  1. xBorn0fOsirisx Says:

    lol, these pictures are hilarious until you get to the 3rd chorus and you’re tired of the same literal shit.

  2. Iamlegend1234 Says:

    This version is so much better than Attack Attack’s. That shit is just auto tune garbage

  3. ionlycomment126 Says:

    This is the first I Kissed A Girl cover where they change the lyrics from ‘I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it’ and has screaming vocals in it :)

  4. jeffieFUCKINGCORE Says:

    @ashleyluvznickjonas1 what a fucking idiot you are. it is a cover. if you are comfortable with your sexuality you don’t feel the need to change an artists words to not sound gay.

  5. olivetoparty Says:


  6. ashleyluvznickjonas1 Says:

    soooo he’s used to kissing guys then?

  7. heygi Says:

    Where are my pants?^^

  8. loudwithoutasound Says:

    Hi, we are a band that is looking to get more popular, and we were wondering if you could please subscribe to us :) We will be releasing a new song on our channel very soon.

  9. iSeeAskingAlexandria Says:

    Their Break Your Heart is WAY better.

  10. imsamuel3 Says:

    the ONLY ONe BEST cover of THIS song is A PERFECT FAILURE !:D

  11. mitsuhide16 Says:

    Well I go for both! Attack attack and A Faylene sky covers this good

  12. SpraysBlasphemy Says:

    @maylenski021 try I Kissed A Girl by Attack Attack! ? I love it alot.

  13. BlackOceanMusic Says:

    this is a fucking good cover! aswell as attack attack’s :P

  14. collindrinks2much Says:

    what school let u make this as a final dude? u shoulda failed

  15. NebLikesMusic Says:

    think they suck? check out their Break your heart cover

  16. MrTop2327 Says:

    good song (Y)

  17. Iownppl432 Says:

    Fucking lol @ the pictures.

  18. Fr4nk01oo0 Says:

    Yea, i agree with brainlessdude01

  19. brainlessdude01 Says:

    i like attack attack better

  20. Quebyn05 Says:

    cool :)

  21. TCSJoco Says:

    piece of shit.. just wasted your time…

  22. maylenski021 Says:

    does any body knows covers like this? give me a list thx

  23. Alabulamahabalaha Says:

    great cover

  24. hurleysk8r777 Says:


  25. XoXoSakuraKissXoXo Says:

    Dude calm down…

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