I am at my breaking point, with high stress, what should I do……?

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Question by Lana Marie: I am at my breaking point, with high stress, what should I do……?
Mel: you are gonna hate this question, lol

First off, I have 2 kids (1yr. & 4yrs.)….I am also a full-time college student…..which equals full-time homework…..which then ends with housework. So here is the story.

I just moved back to Cali from Tucson. I am living with my “In-Laws” (I am not actually married, but I refer to them as so). My Mother-in-law has never worked a day in her life. She also sleeps all day or goes out shopping with my father-in-laws hard earned money (my father-in-law is a great guy). She never lifts a finger to help clean. So I go to school early in the morning, and am home by Noon everyday. When I get home, my unemployed boyfriend (he moved here only 2 weeks ago, while I have been here a month with the kids….so he is looking for a job), hands off the kids the me immediatly. He then goes to our room to play online poker real moneys online, search the internet, watch TV, etc. I do all the parenting till they are in bed. By the way, I never get a chance to EAT…
but I am still chunky….isn’t life so nice, lol. So when the kids are finally asleep
I then start on my homework, and while I am at the kitchen table with my laptop
my mother-in-laws asks me all the time to clean the kitchen. She asks in a way
like I sit on my ass all day and do nothing. But I am ovewwhelmed and just want to
get away from this mess. I LOVE school….I really wanna be a doctor. But I am worried I
am heading for a breakdown. Do you think I am headed for a breakdown?? I have even turned
to cutting to get this stress out of me…..which I never thought I would do!My relationship
has been over a long time, as stated in my other posts. But what is going on with me??
My In-Laws begged us to move back to Cali. Well my Father-in-law did, my mother-in-law seems miserable. My FIL thinks I have potential, and he knows when we lived in Tucson, I wasn’t able to go back to college. We had our own place in Tucson….we will have our own place soon enough. The minute he gets a job, we have enough savings to get a place. But the agreement when we moved was we would have run of the house too. Because I didn’t want to move at first. I have my own rules with my kids and how I do things.
I am looking for a job. I plan to work 2nd shift…….Monday, Wedneday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Answer by what the cluck are you lookin at
why doesn’t your unemployed bf clean & still watch the kids at night too. it’s not like he has to do anything else for gods sake….

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8 Responses to “I am at my breaking point, with high stress, what should I do……?”

  1. ROM30 Says:

    Take A day Off Just Put Everything Aside And Do Something For U And Have A Good Time

  2. grouch714 Says:

    well until you get your own place, your gonna have to put up with it. your the guest.

  3. looking_east1122 Says:

    All that you have to do to remove all stress in your life is to accept all things in your life as they are.

    Drop the story and just be here in this moment. There’s no problems in the now.

  4. P.S. Says:

    find a new boyfriend.

    people who are lazy and never went to college can’t appreciate what it’s like. They think that homework is optional or something, and almost resent people who want to educate themselves.
    You are surrounding yourself with lazy deadbeats. You can change it any time you so desire.

  5. brown eyes Says:

    well it seem to me that you , have taking on a lot first of all you do not need to be a full student . get your act together , get a job and get the hell out . you can do bad all by your self. good luck god bless

  6. Mel W Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying school… Whatever you do keep going, and keep your grades up, because ultimately this IS your ticket to freedom. And I think you already know this.

    It would be easy for any outsider to say, “stop cutting,” but I realize this is much easier said than done. The reason you are cutting, as you alluded to already, is because you are stressed to the hilt.

    The best guidance I can offer is to know that someday you WILL be in a better place.

    First and foremost, set aside money for yourself in case of an emergency. Don’t waste money on new expensive shoes, haircuts, etc. You’ve been in abusive relationships so long that you seem to be resigned to this is your life…. But it doesn’t have to be.

    I would highly suggest you speak with someone at your school (student services) about getting counseling… It is often free for students. If not, go to a near-by church. Often they can help you to get the resources needed to help a hard-working woman like yourself, become more independent.

    As always, I will keep you and your children in my prayers.

    By the way, what ever happened to moving in with your family?

    God bless!

  7. charlton_g_w Says:

    hellish sitch. :(

    mel gave great suggestions.

    what exercise are you getting daily? how are you eating? gotta eat to fuel YOU!!! what relaxation techniques do you know and are you practicing them?

    please do not hesitate to email me for suggestions there

  8. sandra208822 Says:

    to relieve stress, try to think about positive things, remember beautiful events you experienced.
    you can try auto-hypnosis, too, it can be very effective
    relaxing music, can help
    try use anti-stress plants and herbs, it’s a natural way to cure stress
    this website talks about some anti-stress herbs
    good luck

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