Hysterica – Girls made of Heavy Metal (watch in high quality!!)

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Five heavy femetal girls from Stockholm. Footage from their release January 23 2009 and from the Baltic sea festival 2008. Official website www.hysterica.se.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video is to honor my female characters from Star Wars Padmé Amidala Léia Solo Jaina Solo Mara Jade Ahsoka Tano Tenel Ka Dejo Aayla Secura Tahire Veila 1º Music: Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Singer: Shania Twain 2º Music: Poker Face Singer: Lady Gaga
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Hysterica – Girls made of Heavy Metal (watch in high quality!!)”

  1. nathaliamp1 Says:

    puta que pariu, elas são MUITO fodas <3

  2. soldierofvanity Says:

    woman also finally learned to play the guitar i can see, took them a while.

  3. TheHellishInferno Says:

    This is Fuckin Awesome!

  4. Henke922 Says:

    No offence but i guess 90% of the people are just watching them because they look hot.

  5. lloyd29aq Says:

    lol. :) ))))))) nice voice

  6. TheFellborN Says:

    Drummer <3 *_*

  7. randofos Says:

    The drummer was my old teacher :D

  8. darknovaGGC Says:

    @torchiclover dude they are in 2 different sub-genres and types of vocal X_x i would consider if its Doro you were talking about, but Angela, tsk….im not saying Angela is not good though

  9. torchiclover Says:

    Hm, I think I still like Archenemy’s Angela better~

  10. torchiclover Says:

    @TokyoMetal777 Whoa, and I thought only I knew this band! Weheheh~ Yeah, Aldious is so good!

  11. Kekkeyu Says:

    I bet they got signed because of their good music and not because of their small dresses and big tits!

    And I bet I’m not using sarcasm!

  12. TokyoMetal777 Says:

    Hail for the attitude and metal spirit… but if we’re talkin’ about young, hot new female metal bands, Japan’s teenage rockers ALDIOUS kick their ass- both in terms of talent, and looks. :)

  13. Rodrigoinhell Says:

    i wanna fuck this band

  14. Saxnaut Says:

    @Bonghaette Hel yeah womanowar

  15. Saxnaut Says:


  16. necrolehad Says:

    ooooo no ma pero q nalgas

  17. EternalLies Says:

    Generic sound, generic lyrics, generic image.

  18. DemonRuby Says:

    aaaaaaaaauuu yeaaaaa! Girl power!!!!! go girls of metal!!!! :)

  19. ivann94AKD Says:

    i would like to be hysterica’s groupie

  20. Miriam300690 Says:

    that song is not bad ……but they look like posers!!! the singer looks like bitch version of selena gomez hahahahaha +o( (i hate selena gomez)



  22. laaaaambofgod Says:

    soooo so so awful and yet so awesome

  23. Bonghaette Says:

    Womanowar – enough said. +Repeat chorus ~9000 times; Influenced by Iron Maiden perhaps?

    Not really my cup of tea.. on the other hand, I don’t even like tea.
    I’ll take a bald, growling swedish guy any day over this. xD

  24. BBQkrewe Says:

    they are the real deal.

  25. BBQkrewe Says:

    they are the real deal.

  26. padawanstarwars Says:

    that was not even all of them you for got lumanara, ventress, shack ti, a lot of sith girls, but you almost covered all the ones in the origanal movie

  27. VerseNaberrie Says:

    useless slide show, the topis is interesting, but you have to use better movie program, music is not suitable for changing pictures, photos look as holes in cheese

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