Huntington Street Strip Poker Un-Edited Banned Footage

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EL VICTOR & Greg Mollin enter a game of Huntington Street Strip Poker with Marcus the Drunk & Dr. Bates. What happens next is so shocking that this previously un-aired footage was banned by Time-Warner Cable for over a decade.
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26 Responses to “Huntington Street Strip Poker Un-Edited Banned Footage”

  1. IsHeDied Says:


  2. Goel11696 Says:

    1 Micheals might have been a lil drunk & 2 i love SHAWN !

  3. fmthebaron Says:

    HBK ruled the 90′s, especially 1995-1998.

  4. Takeristhebest Says:

    Shawn made women swoon faster than Cena ever tried

  5. 989swimmer Says:

    I think Shawn wanted to lose…..
    Anyways, I sure did >:D

  6. thecyg12 Says:

    lol I always remember the part where Shawn pats his balls for some reason.

  7. bramabull123 Says:

    he didnt “no sell” the chair shots, the guys nearly dead on the floor from the bottle shot

  8. c3789 Says:

    See, Shawn Michaels was the first WWF champion with the ‘attitude’ going on. He did it before Austin did.

  9. krazygreen Says:

    @ImaHHHBKlova lmao seriously, I miss him as this HBK!

  10. krazygreen Says:

    Hey look, it’s Chaz.

  11. c3789 Says:

    JR: “Now we are seeing the WWF champion sitting in the middle of the ring in his underwear.”

  12. xXBrendatheVampireXx Says:

    lmao JR: but now we’re seeing the WWF Champion sitting in the middle of the damn ring in his underwear

  13. TheHbkAngel Says:


  14. TheHbkAngel Says:

    Shawn looks totally… SEXY!!!

  15. TuclucxLicada Says:

    Ha Ha at Mosh no selling the 3 chair shots.

  16. tee85 Says:

    Lmfaooooooooooo @3:41

  17. TheLynchexperience Says:

    lol it does look like he flicked his thang at him

  18. bertskank Says:

    did Shawn flick his penis at Mosh @ 3:41? I mean, he is wearing the boxers with the hole…so. I don’t know.

  19. LosLocoLatinoHeat26 Says:

    cuz he luvs wat he does lol

  20. milandz Says:

    damm i love the old dx shawn with the chair

  21. DaddyBlack83 Says:

    The Real DX not that watered down family friendly crap that’s been on the air now !

  22. qothesa Says:

    lol all the females in the crowd screeming when shawn has his foot on the guy

  23. ringmaster316ms Says:

    i love how owen was supposed to be the good guy in this, yet dx stood ready to fight while owen ran and hid like a bitch

  24. 3ddANDthFOREVER0014 Says:

    hbk has nice legs

  25. ThePanthers10 Says:

    0:54 favorite part! hbk is fineee

  26. mirela566 Says:

    hbk was better back then but back then and now he is still DAM SEXY!!!

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