Humor U, BYU Stand-up Comedy – 'Best of Ever' Show – Bryson Kearl

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See more Humor U videos: See Bryson at Humor U’s shows, go to for details. Bryson jokes about writing a joke in the middle of the night and waking up to find a strange scribbling about his name and estrogen. He also jokes about republican and democrat party mascots and colors, strip live strip poker, band wagons, and naming babies. Bryson is hilarious and brilliant. You’ll laugh at his jokes. Bryson is a stand-up comedian in Humor U, BYU Stand-up Comedy. Filmed at a live performance April 2010 at the Pardoe Theater on BYU campus in Provo, Utah.

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3 Responses to “Humor U, BYU Stand-up Comedy – 'Best of Ever' Show – Bryson Kearl”

  1. theofficialHumorU Says:

    @TheGuinever Wow. You are so kind. We are so glad we could make you laugh. So sorry to hear about your difficult times. We hope to make you laugh more in the future here on the Humor U channel.

  2. TheGuinever Says:

    Just wanted to say that it’s been really sad around our house up until today. Lost our pug (the best person in the house!) to poisoning. Not long before that my granddaughter’s bunny was killed by a stray cat and the other day two dogs killed our three-legged twenty year old cat. I hadn’t laughed in two or three weeks, so watching this was a welcome change. Laughter IS the best medicine and you don’t have to go to graduate school to produce it. Thank you.

  3. butterfingers213 Says:

    Love the “if your old please FOLD!” Way to go Bryson!

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