How To Use Poker Face To Your Advantage

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How To Use Poker Face To Your Advantage

Poker Face is a popular song of Lady Gaga.  However, it is more popular as a terms pokers.  Poker face is originally used for players who can hide the strength or weakness of their poker hand because of this meaningless facial expression.

In this article, we will discuss why players think that having this impassive expression helps players win in the real money poker.

We already know that a poker face is a facial expression.  An expression that is blank or passive. Why is this passive facial expression important?  We will answer this question and will likewise discuss some other poker strategies in this article.

Why is poker face important?

The answer to this question is simple.  A poker face is a blank and passive facial expression.  Thus, your opponents in a poker table will hardly know if the action you take is a result of a strong or weak hand.

Many novice players cannot use poker face in their game because they have not mastered how to conceal their emotions.  Thus, with a weak hand, they tend to frown and take a long time to decide on their next action on the table.  This expression is already sending a message to your opponents that you have a weak card and thus, it is easy for them to play your card to your disadvantage.

However, if you have already learned the strategy called deception, you may show weakness with a strong hand.  Thus, when your opponents decide that your hand is weak because of your deceptive expression, this will be profitable for you.

They say that using the poker face technique is superior but deception in the real money poker can be quite fatal to your opponents’ bankroll.

For this reason, learning how to use a poker face on your poker gaming is important in addition to understanding the opponents playing style.

Poker Strategies: Poker Tells and Poker Tilt

In a real money poker, you will also hear the words Poker Tells and Poker Tilt.  While these two does not have anything to do with a poker face, they are poker strategies.

On the other side of the coin, they are likewise faults on the poker table, which needs to be avoided especially by new poker players.

To further clarify, it was mentioned above that showing weakness with a strong hand is deception in action.

Poker tells is an action usually expressed unintentionally by a poker player that shows off his hand.  An example of a poker tells is when a player shows some arrogance in placing his bet and quickness in raising the bet.  This is an indication of a strong hand.  Usually, you will see a poker tell from new players who have not learned the power of a poker face and deception.

Poker Tilt on the other hand is a result of anger and frustration where players tend to make mistakes in their game because of their emotion.  This usually results in a wrong decision, which they would not have done so if they were in their right frame of mind.

Going back to deception, if players have used poker tells and poker tilt to conceal the strength of their hand, they can be dangerous.

There are ways to manage your emotion on a poker table.  This is to ensure that you will not be the cash cow of players on the field.

Poker face is effective if used properly.  It may make you win and may also increase the pot to your advantage.  Learn how to use a poker face to your gaming advantage and surely, you will not only play online real money pokers well, you will also play online real money pokers profitably.

In a brick and mortar casino, practicing a poker face is necessary.  Online however, it may only be poker tells and poker tilts will be important.

To help you with some online tips and techniques, you can hop on to  It is an play real money poker resource with helpful tips and strategies on playing poker online.

You do not need to go to brick and mortar casino, play real money poker gaming is helpful but of course, if you have the funds and the means to play in a brick and mortar casino, you can always use the learning you get online to play online real money pokers profitably.  Practice your poker face, you may be able to use it anytime soon.

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