How to take care of your brain for live strip poker!

August 29, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Some tips on brain warm-ups and health. Follow me on: Twitter – @DeanLeysen Facebook – Daan Leysen
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25 Responses to “How to take care of your brain for live strip poker!”

  1. CoachZed Says:

    not gonna lie, I’m pretty confused about what is going on with mindflow, and it’s tutorial isn’t helping much

  2. felixcruzazul Says:

    how do i play poker step one: drink alcohol step two: lose money step 3: profit?

  3. CGrayArea Says:

    Tell Your Mum

  4. TonyHall92 Says:

    Couldn’t this also just be a placebo effect? You think your are sharper because of the exercises, therefore you are sharper.

  5. flower1921 Says:

    Thank you for remending me of things I always forget. Basically meditate over the stuff before starting the game. Thank, and much love and light!

  6. ShatteredEquilibrium Says:

    What an inventive, eccentric BOOYAH this time ;)

  7. BeBeAyumiReturns Says:


  8. ozzo70 Says:

    i’ve noticed that while i play WoW and scream and yell and so on and on(well basically i go Athene mode) i play much better xD
    i win a lot and even if i would lose at any part,my screaming and yelling would just make it unimportant,so that kind of positive thinking(let’s call it so) makes me invincible … xD

    and i don’t get overwhelmed by little failures,i just go on and on and at the bare End i OWN THEM! XD
    And doing some warm up before going arenas is very very useful

  9. mattias990 Says:

    Drink Red bull

  10. AvaNonGrata Says:

    Go back to this hair cut. What color hair dye do you use?

  11. zombiekid16 Says:

    i cant wait to see it, but i will ofc ^_^
    awsome video really glad i subbed :D

  12. tlaniganschmidt Says:

    could you talk about the relationship between Transubstatiation & Consubstantion as relates to the Sacramental Theologies of St.Anselm & eventually morphs into the bi-species notions of Martin Luther. Only you could somehow conect this to Poker-Strategies & Papal-Politics during the erection of St.Peter’s Basilica.Seriously,you have a unique “Genius” for coupling together thought-verbal-constructs into viable entities beyond the imaginative & creative skills of most people.YouGot a Gift 4 Real.

  13. wiggium Says:

    The “Booyah” has grown and evolved so month over the last 10 months…

  14. SatanicFuneral Says:

    lmao.. when i want to increase my focus and shit i go into a hiperactive state which can only last minutes after which i feel like i’m very bored, drained and my focus decreases dramatically. but i can only do this if i’m perfectly in the mood. for example while playing computer games, shooters. i can get number 1 but after a while it’s no surprise if i get back to one of the weakest players

  15. hoppelhaschen2012 Says:

    @iousup my age is wrong :D because…its not in your business

  16. iousup Says:

    @hoppelhaschen2012 you’re 14. thats just plain creepy..

  17. hoppelhaschen2012 Says:

    i like your hair. and i would f*** you…
    but one question…how many YouTube channels do you really have? I mean that’s probably really much work…

  18. ekzoekzo Says:

    what if you smoke grass?

  19. InsaneScrubnub Says:

    i like your hair

  20. GoFlyKiteLa Says:

    I think that technique is called priming in psychology (:

  21. eggroll9000 Says:

    Imagining Dean warm up and stretch before a poker game is kinda funny.

  22. veerleke Says:

    haha i was already typing something about the haircut when you already poked teh better fun at 0:06 ..damn…

  23. amhiri14 Says:

    I’m drinking a lot of beer before I enter a poker table!<3

  24. bigss2 Says:

    If you hate chess then the surely answer is sokoban.

  25. GrayDorianGray Says:

    if you want to get sharp, chess is the the best brainfood for me by far. Same as poker minus the the luck factor quite a bit.

    i like the water comment. Dehydration is pretty devastating for any sort of deep concentration. Eating bananas calms nerves which usually helps me focus.

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