How To Spot Online Poker Tells

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Online Poker Tells – The Secret Art of Reading Opponents

So you’ve decided to play online poker games for real money? Find out how to read online poker tells before you start playing.

When you come into an online poker game you have to make some quick judgments, and this can be difficult in the online environment. In this article we will give you some very useful online poker tells, but you’ll get much more value out of reading online poker tells that are specific to individual players. If you play online poker games often enough you’ll run across some of the same players from time to time. Moreover, many online poker room offer a tool that allows you to take players notes. Take advantage of this feature.

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Best Online Poker Tells

Here are the best online poker tells:

Online Poker Tell #1 – Instant automatic check:

This is a tell that your opponent has missed the flop, particularly when it comes after a player has acted before him. If you are last to act in a multi-way pot where all opponents instantly check, go ahead and make a stab at the pot. You’ll take it down without resistance often enough to make it a profitable play.

Online Poker Tell #2 – Instant call:

An instant call on the flop generally means that your opponent has a weak drawing hand. Continue to bet at him on the next street with ½ to ¾ pot sized bets in order to make his drawing odds unprofitable. If he makes one or two instant calls, then re-raises your bet after the next card indicates that he could have made a straight or flush, then you should probably fold.

Online Poker Tell #3 – Table chatter:

There will always be people chatting it up even in an online poker game. You know who chats? Losing players.  These talkers also tend to be loose, show-offy types who think that making big bluffs is the way to play winning poker. If a player who has been chatting all game suddenly gets quiet, he is quite possibly, plotting to move in with a strong hand.

Observe and exploit these online poker tells when you play online poker games.


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