How to Protect Your Bank Account By Studying Poker Star Broke

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How to Protect Your Bank Account By Studying Poker Star Broke

Online poker players are especially susceptible seeing as the money seems less physically tangible. If Cloutier and the pawning of his World Series of Poker jewelry is any example, turning this into a lifestyle can burn through a bank account that once had millions of dollars. It is easy to say and very hard to do, but knowing when to stop is as important as any other Texas Holdem tip that can be uttered.

You can win Texas Hold Em Poker in many different ways. The tips revealed in our article are going to share with you the best and quickest methods of doing this. Pay attention though, as you will need to sprinkle in a little of your own time and effort in order to get the best results. Following are some details of protecting your bank account during play real money poker or live poker activities.

It is very easy to get on a soap box and spout out a Texas holdem tip about how people should know their limits and stop playing when things are going very badly. Of course that particular song has been sung to death, and usually the comments simply become white noise.The words that make up this particular Texas holdem tip take shape again and become relevant when a champion and millionaire poker pro seems to have lost most of the fortune they worked so hard for.

While we are all familiar with cautionary tales from long ago, such as the saga of live poker pro “Nick the Greek” Dandolos, and the fact that he lost most of the millions he won during his lifetime, the potency of that particular example has been eroded by time. Today though, we have former World Series of Poker bracelet winner T. J. Cloutier. He is indeed a legend; he was inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2006. This online or free play real money real money pokers expert also owns six bracelets from the World Series of Poker and has earned ,324,186 since he started playing as pro and is now 71 years old. If he is selling a bracelet to a pawn shop, then something very bad has happened to his bankroll.

Rumours are that TJ Cloutier went broke for some reason and had to get rid of the bracelet. Sometimes players are extremely good in their field of expertise but they go broke through some side gambling addiction they may develop. TJ Cloutier is one of the best tournament players in the world but it is well known that he has an expensive taste for high stakes craps and the word is he lost around million at the tables (we do not have a reliable source to confirm this fact though).Once at an interview TJ himself said: “Everybody knows that I like to play craps and that I really gamble with it sometimes…I regret that I’m so into it. But there’s a fix for everyone in these Vegas casinos. People get into blackjack or high-stakes slots. When I want to get away, I get away with the craps…I’ve beaten craps zillions of times. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is walking away with your money.”You can try it in Absolute Poker.

Talking about Mr.Cloutier’s story is not to pile on him.He is great.But I want the gamblers learn something from him,not only his success, but also his experiences.Very simply, players should stop instead of chasing the White Whale of “getting my money back”. The more you chase, the more you will lose.

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