How to improve your Winnings at Online Poker

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How to improve your Winnings at Online Poker

It was believed that play online poker was unlike real poker, when play online poker was first introduced in the 90s. But since its inception it has been partly responsible for the spectacular increase in the number of poker players worldwide. Now play online poker is a wildly thrilling game and fun game in general but can be an excruciating and frustration filled game for those who are not up to date with its rule. Harnessing the mastery and expertise of a professional poker player can save you years of dissatisfaction and can actually put you on the road to winning play online poker.

But for that, you need to remember that play online poker differs from live poker in a tad lot of ways. And hence a lot of different set of rules apply in play online poker.  The differences can be seen and understood in the dealing of cards, the action of players and one’s style of play.

The Deal

In play online real money pokers and cash tournaments, the deal is controlled by a set of computer algorithms and programs. Mostly, the main program that singles out the randomness of a deck is called the Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG or RNG). Apart from RNG, there is another set of algorithms that makes deterministic conclusions based on the players of the game.

The extra poker algorithms are what will deliver the turn of the cards and the river cards. They also produce bad beats and action inducing hands in many cases. In online Texas holdem, more than often draws are common on the flop and turn, which tempts a player into action. Although in live play drawing heavy boards is normal, the fact still remains that draws are more likely to happen online because of the imperfections and shortcomings in the RNG.

The Action

Another element in virtual poker is the action it provides keeping the players on their toes all the time. Action fashioned by draw heavy boards as well as action created by players who chase those draws or tries to bluff at large pots. The fact that Internet poker is plagued with rookie players and with those who don’t understand the advanced and complex techniques of the game is one reason that your chips are at stake a bit too often.

Individual Style

It is necessary to find one’s own style of play depending upon the game. Adjusting your style in order to compensate for amateur players and computer generated codes of play online poker is a good move in play online poker. You may want to mix up your aggression (if your an aggressive live player) with a little of passivity as action players will hurry after their draws and it will become difficult to get them to lay down their hands.

Also you might want to wait until you are very sure that you will win the hand before committing too many chips into the play since true randomness is not exactly in play at a computer generated play online real money poker.  The usual culprit behind the excessive bad beats in play online poker is not the bad players who cannot fold but the computer generated programs, which induce action. The leaks in the game become identifiable if one carefully reassesses all the action in one’s hand. 

It is generally accepted that play online poker has come to par with live poker. If you are excellent in live poker but you struggle to get a grip in play online poker then it most probably indicates that is the programmers fault than yours. Even then it is in your best interest to learn more about poker algorithms to improve your odds and start winning.

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