How to Give a Dog a Bath

August 23, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Washing my puppy, Kir. The songs in this video are: Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Party in The USA by Miley Cyrus, Tik Tok by Ke$ ha, California Gurls by Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg, 3 by Britney Spears, Naturally by Selena Gomez, Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Subscribe if you like my videos. Thank you.

There are Mojo/Blossom videos, there’s even a Mojo/Buttercup video… but as far as I know, there are no Mojo/Bubbles videos. And it’s such a weirdly cute pairing, I just had to remedy that. But seriously, UGH. This took enough effort even aside from the fact that Windows Movie Maker kept crashing on me. This is it for me, seriously. (At least for a month or two.) Music: The Monkey’s Uncle from the Disney movie of the same name Video: various clips of The Powepuff Girls episodes, commercials, and the movie. Enjoy! :)
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31 Responses to “How to Give a Dog a Bath”

  1. Amelia102938 Says:

    might want 2 go pee 1st lol

  2. kkswizz Says:

    Where’d you get the grooming tools to cut and brush it?
    Is it easy?
    Is it dangerous?

  3. GamesNTutorials Says:

    I love how the dog runs away and you guys go and get it, LOL. Good washing btw :)

  4. GirlOnTheBalcony Says:

    haha awwww he’s so good. my dog pillow is ok in the water but hed rather me brush his fur then wash it

  5. deusvia Says:

    He’s clean already? Surely you missed a bit.

  6. aisforangry Says:

    cute dog

  7. blondrose84 Says:

    @Commander30 Yes, I strongly agree w/ you on that one.

  8. HeartOfPureDarkness Says:

    lol awesomeness- i adore the PPG and the song is one ofthe best disney songs ever! XD good job!

  9. mintchocmonkey Says:

    this is so cute! *adds to favourites*

  10. blondrose84 Says:

    *loves bubbles/mojo!*

  11. blondrose84 Says:

    @Commander30 Yes, i agree with you and believe the same thing too. *shakes hands* Hi, I’m Gnostic Christan, and you ares? :)

  12. DwanorBloodguard Says:

    buts whats with bubbles holding the “mojo doll”?

  13. dancer32940 Says:

    @134pokemonfan all chalked up!!!

  14. 4evermew Says:

    @DwanorBloodguard cuz they got ALOT of toys in 1 episode

  15. MsAlissc Says:


  16. 134pokemonfan Says:

    wat episode is 00:14

  17. TeddyBearLove201 Says:

    what episode is 2.03 from?

  18. randomness103195 Says:

    Dexter Doll @ 0:04

  19. DwanorBloodguard Says:

    whats with bubbles drooling?

  20. Commander30 Says:

    :31-:36 was from the episode “Forced Kin”, and :37-:42 was from the movie. :)

  21. lotten16 Says:

    was i dreaming or was Mojo interacting and hugging the girls?
    the names of the ep-clips with Mojo Jojo, plz?

  22. ioannluka1 Says:

    a bride, a groom, a chimpanze… LOL

  23. RevRunner171 Says:

    This is cute. I love Mojo.

  24. ThePpglover2 Says:

    i belive this god is real but noody loves him with their full heart

  25. ThePpglover2 Says:

    y the hell are you?%$# whathing this then ?#$%

  26. Bolt1222 Says:

    Lol! I love the song! And I love Bubbles!

  27. RandomAsAllways Says:

    who cares ? ppg are the shit.

  28. shayblue16 Says:

    omg…………..wut the hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Loise004 Says:

    screw it

  30. althiamen Says:

    bubbles kissed the boo boo

  31. althiamen Says:


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