How To Get The Girl

January 15, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Just Dropping To Say Hello… Love you all!
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Request from MsAlissc and saintsfan45261(though the latter requested mostly Bubbles and Buttercup rather than all three) Enjoy! Sorry it’s taken me so long to do any videos, I’ve been busy.


44 Responses to “How To Get The Girl”

  1. chrissupra1 Says:

    nice blond hair

  2. TehGuitarSir45 Says:

    Van Gough and the Beatles… i didn’t know women like you even existed!. =) lol

  3. jusbeinmichael1 Says:

    if you listen closely then you can hear lucy in the sky with daimonds and also good videos

  4. gratefuldead89 Says:

    Your hair looks pretty in this video :)

  5. A1YrOldKid Says:

    Idiot!!! Jokes ur videos r good

  6. roboman200797 Says:

    Van Gough and the Beatles god if i knew u i would totally date u

  7. mdkushner Says:

    i take that back its not stary night. lol but its on of my favorite van gough paintings.

  8. mdkushner Says:

    okay i gotta say i love the beatles and van gough is my favorite artists. Yes i see the stary night in the background of this video.

  9. ZacVanHuis Says:

    u r really pretty

  10. mjcabooseman Says:

    wow youve really matured both physically and personality wize.

  11. HellsHero107 Says:

    the title was misleading

  12. borofalcon101 Says:

    could at least have the real beatles singing this awesome song :(

  13. arthilion Says:

    im keep watching the videos =)

  14. teengirlspeaks Says:

    @MrCDoody haha whaaat?

  15. teengirlspeaks Says:

    @iDimitry2 hahaha

  16. MrCDoody Says:

    You seem different. Did Bruno take the wind out of your sails a little bit? Jerk that he is…
    Get your groove back. Go backpacking in Europe this summer or something.

  17. austinjynx Says:

    @rockinandout i was joking along with you…

  18. rockinandout Says:

    @austinjynx That was sorta the joke

  19. austinjynx Says:

    @rockinandout woah.soory dude not possible…

  20. eshrinivas Says:

    you look more matured than previous videos..

  21. enjoiskater2251 Says:

    verry good looking yes you are

  22. camserr7 Says:

    Like your videos. Diggin the Van Gogh and song choice!

  23. iDimitry2 Says:


  24. bula0696 Says:

    I like your hair, and your earrings. I couldn’t tell if you was wearing makeup or not it looked like it but any way liked that to.

  25. MrBrianandre Says:

    I ain’t gonna lie I would love for me and u to get to now each other lol I’m 15

  26. MsAlissc Says:

    This is the first request I made lol

  27. Talor9298 Says:

    LOL! The Rowdyruff Boys can’t read The Powerpuff Girls’ Pokerface.

  28. saintsfan45261 Says:

    this is incredible thanks!!!

  29. MsAlissc Says:

    @RRBvampgrl I requested it aren’t you gonna thank me?

  30. MsAlissc Says:

    @PrincessofDestiny114 I wanted all three powerpuff girls because I wanted blossom saying “Shes got it like nobody” shaking her hips side to side.

  31. PrincessofDestiny114 Says:

    @MsAlissc It’s all good, I’ve done that before.

  32. MsAlissc Says:

    @PrincessofDestiny114 Lol i thought i was on my other account sorry

  33. PrincessofDestiny114 Says:

    @MsAlissc You’re welcome. Sorry it took so long.

  34. MiyakoLuvBoomer Says:

    -dancing- lol

  35. RyDogRidesTheBus Says:

    @PrincessofDestiny114 I know, right?

  36. PrincessofDestiny114 Says:

    @RyDogRidesTheBus That’s awesome!

  37. RyDogRidesTheBus Says:

    @PrincessofDestiny114 Okay. Love this song, my high school is playing a marching band version of this song on Friday for the homecoming football game, as well as Bad Romance; a Lady Gaga show!

  38. RRBvampgrl Says:

    That was totally awesome!

  39. PrincessofDestiny114 Says:

    @RyDogRidesTheBus Yeah, I did it with Zelda, not the PPGs.

  40. RyDogRidesTheBus Says:

    I thought you already had a powerpuff video with this song, maybe I’m thinking of your Zelda video.

  41. imblue36752100 Says:

    I made a PPG video with this song, like, when I first joined and it was such a fail. XD
    You do good job. ^_^b

  42. StarfallGirls Says:


  43. daclue41 Says:

    i like this

  44. SolangeMariel1 Says:

    cool :D

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