How to cheat On Poker Stars And Win Hundreds!

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Is there anyone on this planet who wouldn’t want to win money? The answer is none. Everybody wants to win money especially during these hard times. What do people do in order to get the money that they want? They can either work hard or play on Poker Stars.

The thing is it’s not that easy to win in Poker Stars. If you try to play on your own without using any tools, winning is like reaching for the stars. What you can do instead of you badly want to win in Poker Stars is to use some software. Continue reading if you want to know how to cheat on Poker Stars and win hundreds.

First of all, you should know that Poker Stars game moderators would allow players to use programs that can increase the players’ winning opportunity. If you do an online research you will discover there is a number of programs that are considered legal and acceptable. These programs include Poker Weapon, Texas Calculation, Poker Tracker, Poker Stat, Poker Office and many others. These tools can track and record your games or give you some statistics of your opponents. The point is you will use these tools to gain the upper hand in Poker Stars.

Let’s start with Poker Stat. It functions by tracking all the cards that you have used in Poker Stars. Through its tracking feature you will be able to see how many times you lost or won in a Poker game and this data is what you will use to win against the other players. Another cheat software known as the Texas Calculation will provide you with advice as well as a view of all poker hands while you are playing. Texas Calculation has a record of algorithms that analyzes your cards and it can also be used for actual online money games or otherwise.  Meanwhile, the software that can give you the statistics as well as track how your opponents bet is called Poker Office. At the same time, it also tracks and records all your Poker Stars game. Moreover, it can show you all the mucked cards of the other players which you should then use to improve your chances of winning in Poker Stars.

There are many other software products that can help you on how to cheat on Poker Stars. You will notice though that each of these tools work differently. There are some which tracks your opponents’ cards as well as how they bet and there are those that record your games instead. The point is you have to choose the software that you feel most comfortable with. Each software package has its own strategy on how it can provide you with useful data that you will use to win in Poker Stars.

If you are somehow uncomfortable with using these Poker Stars cheat programs then you have the choice of using a bot software that will play in your place but this poses more risks as compared to using the Poker cheat programs because it’s not foolproof.

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