How do poker champions take millions home from the casino?

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Question by john disko: How do poker champions take millions home from the casino?
We have seen people win millions of dollars at the world series of poker or the world poker tour, and they always splash the table with the money when they are down to two players left, but how does the winner take that money home? Do they put it in the trunk? Do they wire transfer it? How does a person who just won 9 million dollars get it to their bank?

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Answer by Bill M
I wish I could say I’ve done that, but I’m guessing they probably get a check or have the money direct deposited in their bank, after the taxes are taken out.

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  1. Fred Says:

    Haha if they do that they could have thousands of robbers swarming before their eyes. The company that sponsored or started that event, just put those money for display. They actually change it to checks. Before you get the money you should pay the tax etc.


  2. nas88car 300 M Martin WAY TO GO! Says:

    they get a check / after they take out taxes and a small amount if you ask for it the rest is in a check

  3. TheMadProfessor Says:

    The slack of cash is just for show – they take it all back into the vault and make other arrangements (check, wire transfer, etc.) after Uncle Sam takes out his cut.

  4. Freda Says:

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  5. Vittorio the Froidian Says:

    i take mine in a suit case and a guard

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