Hot Girl Shows you Why she loves Youtube

August 24, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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25 Responses to “Hot Girl Shows you Why she loves Youtube”

  1. DaWeedHH Says:

    your so stupid but its okay because of your tits

  2. ZkurkaModul Says:

    All is nice ;-)

  3. jackofblades94 Says:

    why do you wear such a skanky clothes?
    are you a whore?

  4. EnragedTurkey Says:

    I didn’t realize she had a face till half way through the vid…. is that so wrong?

  5. omegasparklez Says:

    are you dutch? you have a dutch / flammish accent

  6. AmiMrs Says:

    I´ts boring

  7. GioGrimaldi Says:

    what I hear? blablabla….tits…blabla…ass

  8. motolix Says:


  9. tastefulnudity Says:


  10. ilovetosm420ke Says:

    the community wants you to show off your tits. dies the community get that?

  11. austinhunterisme1996 Says:

    ahhh, old youtu be layout i miss it :(

  12. iRamsinWarda Says:

    Your face is so cute! Who cares about your body, your face is so much cuter!1 <3 <3

  13. Tony815J Says:

    OMG, WTF is wrong with you guys! Do you see those freaking eyes? i can’t sop staring into them =p

  14. CrAzY3AGL3 Says:

    Nice Rack :)

  15. BETOGARZA012 Says:

    Your eyes *-* i love it

  16. Alesandros356 Says:

    the green eyes are buuurning!!!!!

  17. subhex1 Says:

    sound better on mute.

  18. ChaosCommander1234 Says:

    she talking to much

  19. HunterBody007 Says:

    Im sorry athene but i got a boner 0.0

  20. JohnnyXize Says:

    nice all yo body

  21. TF141Afterburner Says:

    Wow…..they are right…..your eyes are amazing

  22. momsbabyboy Says:

    the community wants you to flash your titts. dontchu people ???

  23. freqeist Says:

    quite plain

  24. Jolle25 Says:

    woow i love your eyes so beautiful greetings from Germany

  25. deycha1 Says:

    fuck you biach, trying to get internet attention because of your titties… oh wait, all chicks are doing that :o

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