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RakeBack: Tournament Poker Edge Website: Pokerstars Home Game Tournaments. Every Sunday Club ID 529887 Invite: theevhero +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I’ve been running sour the last few sessions on Pokerstars so I decided to drop limits. Evhero’s live strip poker hand history review for March 22nd 2011 at 0.5-1 NL 6max. If you have any other topics you want covered on my live strip poker blog leave a question below. Cheers http itunes podcast:
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  1. pecX24 Says:


    best tip: read harrington on online cash games (6-max). He explains the software + their numbers and what you should do in which situations.

  2. xHowintzerx Says:

    Hey dude i am new to the cash games i just started with a 200 dollar bankroll and i play the 25/50cents pot limit hold em and the 10/20 no limit hold em! Now i rly like your videos and i find them very helpfull. Can u plz enlist me a list of programms to use to help my play and what benefits u get from the hold em manager? Thnx. ALso is it good to play sit and goes to build a more sufficient bank roll or just grind in the cash games?

  3. WwAste Says:

    really like your hand reviews keep them coming ! appreciate it

  4. theEVhero Says:

    @magnumb3 Yes it does

  5. magnumb3 Says:

    Does the program you’re using show the stats we see live?

  6. theEVhero Says:

    @bradleytong holdem manager

  7. bradleytong Says:

    what softwre do you use to make the graphs?

  8. PVFCFordy Says:

    Ignore my last comment Pokerstars wasn’t saving my hand history, I had to tick a box and it’s working now. :)

  9. PVFCFordy Says:

    Do the stats appear by the players name when you are playing? I using the holdem manager trial version and I set up my own hub and set which site I am playing on but there stats don’t appear. Is there something you need to press to apply it to the actual pokerstars screen? (Not sure if that makes any sense I struggled to phrase the question)

  10. CantBeblank Says:

    Vegas and the Fuckin’ Mirage hahaha nice rounders its a nice movie I heard they doing rounders 2 ?
    nice reads , yeah the last play was …well, you tried to make them run, sometimes its working sometimes its not, 2 players a head a bit risky, but still I don’t think it was such a bad play after all, cuz if they didn’t had some open draw/or the set I don’t think they would call that, I think the player that sit right you called cuz he was on tilt lol.

  11. theEVhero Says:

    @machak09 haven’t been for a while. Caesers is nice and not to expensive. Anyone else ideas?

  12. machak09 Says:

    BTW whats a good hotel that is nice and not too expensive in vegas, if you know?

  13. machak09 Says:

    Thanks for the vid I’m trying to learn as much as possible!

  14. kb5zcr Says:

    I only have money on Full Tilt, I play only cash games. I would like to get better and your vids are enjoyable and help me learn so keep them up. How long did you play before you got a HU display? I have to say I am a break even player (I know, everybody says that), I have been playing on the same $500 for three years. Again, great videos.

  15. cupdrums Says:

    good old utility underbet eh? …its a Canadian thing

  16. shishan81 Says:

    btw, tx for adding me.

  17. shishan81 Says:

    1st vid I’ve ever watched from you and really enjoyed it. GL on the tourneys.

  18. shishan81 Says:

    1st vid I’ve ever watched from you and really enjoyed it. GL on the tournies.

  19. theEVhero Says:

    @kmoyeykmo really your call. I don’t think people really get any physical tells. Usually just trying to be pros and look at you. Comes down to betting patterns. I where them if I feel uncomfortable. If you feel nervous go for it. I don’t where them anymore but I used to for this reason.

  20. theEVhero Says:

    @James3zs haha

  21. theEVhero Says:

    @karmixo thanks man

  22. theEVhero Says:

    @NewJack1212 holdem mamager. Works in real time and replayer after the session.

  23. NewJack1212 Says:

    Hey Jeremy, where do you get opponents hand stats in this video?? Is it software you use?

  24. IEROEI Says:

    That’s a big ass hat.

  25. karmixo Says:

    really enjoy all of your vids mate; keep it up and wish you all the rungood in the world!

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