Home And Away Matilda, Ric, Lucas And Belle Play Strip Poker

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Home And Away Matilda,Ric,Lucas,And Belle Playin Strip Poker
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25 Responses to “Home And Away Matilda, Ric, Lucas And Belle Play Strip Poker”

  1. yancyPELOSI Says:

    lol wow they auctually did ittttt

  2. NegreanuDan81 Says:

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  3. guy2008rules Says:

    man, this will never be allowed in Neighbours

  4. cinspiracy365 Says:

    is lucas ( rhys wakefield) gonna come bak to home and away? I really miss him and he’s sooo hot and cute and, his teeth glow, and i just LOVE HIM TO BITZ AND PIECES!!

  5. sylicone221 Says:

    @HP5crazy was cheering when that cunt megan connolly died! fucking bitch! glad she was raped …..

  6. sylicone221 Says:

    megan connolly rot in hell cunthole

  7. amibf Says:

    i wouldnt hav thought mattie wd take her clothes off considerin she had a rly bad body image earlier.luv this clip tho its well funny :L

  8. antsman88 Says:

    LOL! alf is the man

  9. 2007bedifferent Says:

    lucas rocks!

  10. gillyH10 Says:

    @XxShannenDohertyxX Aden and Belle are such an awesome couple, they should both come back, they have amazing chemistry together. Aden would have been so good in this scene, especially if he stripped.

  11. gillyH10 Says:

    @HP5crazy Belle, Matilda and Ric should all come back and Aden should return aswell, my 2 fav couple Adelle and Ric & Matilda.

    not much of a fan of Lucas.

  12. bananathumbs Says:

    I love ric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sarezh998 Says:

    Haha I remember this! So long ago!!

  14. AVIfinatic Says:

    Fuck that Matilda is soooo hot!!!

  15. Christine80921950975 Says:

    I Love Home & Away<3!.

  16. LetMeRock97 Says:

    this is so funny

  17. jvccruz16 Says:

    Not all girls are smart, or guys, there are some girls and guys that are very smart, its not gender that matters what matter is your brain, and you intelligence!!! Anyone can be smart it does not matter if your a girl or a boy!!!

  18. AussieGirlNSW Says:

    @KottLoom Home and Away’s great, what’s wrong with you?

  19. AussieGirlNSW Says:

    Alf “what the flaming hell’s going on here”
    More like, what’s coming off here..lol

  20. KottLoom Says:

    I cant believe this shit soap is still running. Whats wrong with you aussies?

  21. ogerduck9876 Says:


  22. madsnakes23 Says:


  23. Warlord1500 Says:

    the girls wore bikinis…. 2/10

  24. Homeandawayguy Says:

    Oh God Belle died

  25. royalsteven Says:

    Damn so this is the national soap of Australia huh. Cheesy shit. Australians talk funny and this shit sucks.

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