High Stakes Poker Season 2 Episode 1

August 28, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

The action moves to the Palms Hotel in the first episode of Season 2. New players Daniel Alaei, Michael Mizrachi, Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow and Phil ‘The Unabomber’ Laak join returning players Farha, Esfandiari and Daniel Nagreanu. In this season opener, Matusow lays it on strong showcasing his verbal skills at this table of poker pythons.

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25 Responses to “High Stakes Poker Season 2 Episode 1”

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  3. benwood07 Says:

    mike is anooying

  4. Catalanos9 Says:

    29:57…OMG!! that chick is so fuckable…

  5. avocationfjordpa Says:

    I love your video

  6. setalaka Says:

    i wonder what will happen to the chips when an earthquake strikes lol everyone’s chips will be missing and mixed up

  7. TehPokerGuy Says:

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    i love sammy

  9. lohor01 Says:

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  10. QwikkFire Says:

    These guys are so funny its real entertaining to watch

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  12. EasyStu007 Says:

    matusow is the typical looser with no friends but much money. bet he just sleep with hookers :D

  13. lohor01 Says:

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  16. sambrady92 Says:

    mike. Die. so annoying

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  20. starvingSmart80 Says:

    nice vid men!

  21. c05541235 Says:

    A unabomber wacking!

  22. bendustries Says:

    Good bet by Daniel at 41:00

  23. MrShanetheman Says:

    i like poker

  24. kelnourim Says:

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  25. Recovrd1 Says:

    Laak’s comments always make me laugh

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