High Stakes Poker Season 1 Episode 1

August 27, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

The first episode of High Stakes Poker! Negreanu pushes the table to a pot of over one million – will he watch the others fold in his wake? Legendary players Doyle Brunson and Greenstein join Kid Poker in this series opener.
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25 Responses to “High Stakes Poker Season 1 Episode 1”

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  2. bennydowie Says:

    Wow this is so crap compared to the more recent high stakes and I mean the talking and commentating not the play

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  8. lohor01 Says:

    Full View

  9. avocationfjordpa Says:

    I enjoy your video

  10. Thor1992GR Says:

    forrest is a very bad player!

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  13. b0ilhawk Says:

    ‘thats 50 each?’ …. that guys mental arithmatic is incredible.

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  15. pjafke Says:

    whats the song in the begining.. ?

  16. Doctorstrange37 Says:

    wow negreanu’s playing well around 9 mins where i’m at

  17. lohor01 Says:

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  19. t0m291 Says:

    hate the way buss played those 10s

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  24. funfunfunfunable Says:

    Once you’re married, sex is like poker. You don’t need a good partner, just a good finger.. =)

  25. ZiziZIGMUND Says:

    WOW…..these guys sux cox at poker……I swear….if i was given 2 buy-ins i could easily at least double up in about ten hours just playing really standard tight textbook poker…..the second buy-in is just insurance if i get unlucky or i’m forced to call because of pot odds and lose…….

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