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25 Responses to “HELP FIND SHAY'S CAMERA!”

  1. Kiley1919 Says:

    How is a camera that I bet costs over a hundred dollars like a toothbrush…?! >___<

  2. GavinMyra Says:

    If you got the What’s Your Business Story ad, did you notice on the first person in the background was the Sahycarl shoe?

  3. FoxSmudges Says:

    You know, you would think how important the cameras are to vloggers that their CAMERAS would be the LAST thing they leave behind.
    :P  Oh shay.

  4. 0pancakes0 Says:

    aw i love how u said gesundheit haha

  5. YourPoisonBear Says:

    i love burts bees almost as much as i love mommytard!!

  6. YourPoisonBear Says:

    is mommytard using burts bees!!! i loveeeeee burts bees!

  7. YourPoisonBear Says:

    @TheCaitlinWorld ummm make that 2 years

  8. Sweet89Candy Says:


  9. Sweet89Candy Says:

    I love Shay but my family doesn’t have much money. Shay spends like $1,000.00 on flip cameras each month because he “forgets” his camera. I would die to even 1 came

  10. SuperKevin591 Says:

    If I get on a plane, and I find Shay’s camera, I’m gonna see how much footage is on it!

  11. esdonkyle1 Says:

    Who caught the Seinfeld reference at 2:35 ? “You are so good looking” :) 

  12. SingCat101 Says:

    I only started watching the vlogs since rocktard was born. I got a lot of catching up 2 to do…….

  13. TheCaitlinWorld Says:

    I’ve been watching the vlogs since this day. I feel so disapointed, everyone else has been watching it for like a year.

  14. rachray33 Says:

    i wonder if anyone ever did find that camera…

  15. samcal9 Says:

    i found a flip camera but it was in England in 2010

  16. AnnaandJessrthebest Says:

    thumbs up if you paused right after shay said balls to read the top comment ahahhaha.

    i did ( :

  17. r3mote Says:

    every time Shay sneezes there is a super nova beginning somewhere

  18. megs2394 Says:

    I saw the title and I said “not again” :/

  19. Emtintin Says:

    It’s At last by Etta James

  20. pond5videos Says:

    i found camra and it had you on but i am keeping it

  21. LostInSpaceCity Says:

    Love ‘em though!

  22. LostInSpaceCity Says:

    Dude loses camera more often than the world spins around…

  23. deadizle Says:


  24. Sassygurl712 Says:

    awww shay!

  25. MrsLewistard Says:

    @ellabee99 I-da-ho, meaning “I’m the ho”. That’s how you know which one is the prostitue.

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