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just looking for a super cute look that little girls can pull off, this one fits the bill just right.
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19 Responses to “heaping of cuteness.wmv”

  1. tipperzsfwwfc Says:

    Excuse my language, but girl, u are the shit! I have had no success with my 3 year olds fine hair, and you have helped incredibly, thank you!

  2. allpeopleunite2000 Says:

    Thank you veru much for your wonderful tutorial, very easy to follow and user-friendly! Keep us update more great and handy stuff, thanks sweetie! : )

  3. RainiCouture Says:

    have u tried a detangler? i mean ur kid doesnt have to have hair thats tangles to use it most of them smell great and it conditions hair water its that great it actually stripes oils from the hair u dont notice when they are younger but when they are older u will wish someone wouldve told my mom that with my sister

  4. lauradlane Says:

    I love all these! I was never a “girly-girl” so my idea of “doing my hair” is a messy ponytail right after the shower haha but my 3 year old daughter is so dainty with her dolls and her dresses and “Pink and Purple is my favorite color!” lol that I had to learn how to do her hair to match her personality – all your videos have helped tremendously! Thanks so much! Keep doing what you do!

  5. rabrp82 Says:

    This is such a cute look!! My daughter loves getting her hair done so I’m going to try this look!!! She has naturally very curly hair but I love the little ‘knots’ on the top!! So adorable!!! Great Job and thanks for the video!!!!

  6. believendestiny Says:

    This is very cute, I can’t wait to try this one as well ;)

  7. treasuregirl13 Says:

    That’s realyl cute. This one I think I can do for my Niece… Thank-you.

  8. ZoeyHanson14 Says:

    pleas help me im about that girls age im 10 almost 11 and i got short hair but when i try to curl it it dosent work pleas help me if u can

  9. alreadyaprincess Says:

    oh a sensitive scalp hey, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you try an ouchless hair brush? I was surprised how well they work. Best on damp hair right after the bath and make sure to invest in some shampoo that is just for her.

  10. karen31076 Says:

    I liked it a lot. But my little princess won’t cooperate and cries even when I brush her hair gently :( I wish I could try this tutorial… one day…. (5 stars)

  11. uniqueprintzcom Says:

    cant wait for my little girl to get older!..

  12. alreadyaprincess Says:

    ♥Thank you♥ I forgot how fun it was to do it!

  13. MissSnickers1002 Says:

    So cute! I’ll have to try this on my little sister!

  14. KUMU4 Says:

    Nice! easy cute and simple <3

  15. iwannabagirl Says:

    very cute!

  16. Kaylenasmommy Says:

    very cute

  17. spaty68 Says:


  18. lwac1988 Says:

    welcome back!!!!! we missed ya!!!

  19. dancettechick13 Says:

    Super cute!

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