HD Tiffany (SNSD) – Hero , Jun24.2009 2/7 GIRLS' GENERATION 720p

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Jun03.2009 k-pop snsd taeyeon jessica tiffany sunny seohyun sonyuhshidae soshi sonyeoshidae girls’generation live

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25 Responses to “HD Tiffany (SNSD) – Hero , Jun24.2009 2/7 GIRLS' GENERATION 720p”

  1. chhloe1234h Says:

    Taeyeon is singing along at 0:27
    Cute *-*

  2. PikachuDream Says:

    omg O.O
    i think she will become my next fave from snsd O.O

  3. yingfany66 Says:

    pretty girl ><

  4. iMysteryTube Says:

    Well Herro there

  5. CassondraAndAIP Says:

    ur my heroo fany

  6. BBoyEinstein154 Says:

    *hair whip. I MELT <3

  7. sones2snsd Says:

    snsd no1.Tiffany hay wa

  8. Chessmapling Says:

    god i love her english!!!! her voice seriously is amazing :D

  9. hnzhng17 Says:

    wish she sang the whole song =(

  10. heartlessjerk Says:

    @shaque86 i don’t get whats the problem..? would you rather have him give a expressionless/disgusted face?

  11. ADEVOGATOS123 Says:

    she should perform this in their next Asian tour :-)

  12. MysticoNL Says:

    Which show is this :O

  13. SarangHae1435 Says:

    AWWW! did anyone see taeyeon singing along to fany?! —> 0:25

  14. oliiiwannn Says:


  15. CodeName19G Says:

    heaven voice!!!!!!!

  16. azngirl109 Says:

    I want a full cover…. =)

  17. BeBeAyumiReturns Says:

    i swear whenever snsd sings covers i love their covers more and i mostly memerize them better (voice etc.)

  18. hero0nfire1 Says:

    HEY seo-youn..

    MARRY ME??

  19. MrDavizzle408 Says:

    god danm! tiffany is finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  20. af1993 Says:

    sm should give her this type of songs

  21. shaque86 Says:

    Honestly I cant stand that old man. He looks like a total pervert because of the huge grin on his face right after Tiffany finish singing.
    I was like – Awww Tiffany’s voice is so soothing and beautiful and then that guy came into the picture – Eeeek!!! Just spoils the mood.
    I feel like I wanna punch him in the face.

  22. shaque86 Says:

    @miyoun0128 I’m sure others feel the same way too if only SM gave Tiffany the right song that really suit her. I fell in love with her voice when I heard her sang “If I aint got u” cos not everyone can sing it good. If SM gave her the opportunity to sing those soulful songs I’m sure SNSD can be more recognized and be taken seriously and not just known for their cute songs. I mean cmon SM these girls are already in their 20s their not teenagers anymore. Their work should grow and mature as well.

  23. miyoun0128 Says:

    @shaque86 finally, I found some who has the same idea with me =D

  24. shaque86 Says:

    Tiffany should be given more songs like this…to really showcase her beautiful and sophisticated voice. Those cutesy songs just doesnt suit her.

  25. xXamaterasu23 Says:

    I just loved her angelic voice!!! <3

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