Havasu Desert Storm 2010 (our trip) W First wave

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Some of the events and things we saw and experienced

iConcerts – TV Show – Lady Gaga – London Live Special www.iconcerts.com

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38 Responses to “Havasu Desert Storm 2010 (our trip) W First wave”

  1. scottytnt Says:

    Of course, I will make the next video just for you. How about some deliverance music for ya, I think that would fit your style.

    The video was to merely show the event.

  2. MotorsbyShooter Says:

    Leave the lame music off next time so that we can hear the motors.

  3. nickridesbmx94 Says:

    What kind of boat r u guys in?

  4. 90mphRAGE Says:

    Well done

  5. jayboat Says:

    Great job- captured the speed and some of the atmosphere of the place (bikinis). Thanks!

  6. Big2Twins Says:

    I like it nice video!

  7. scottytnt Says:

    Yes, we go every year and opted out of the Poker run this year.

  8. mikeyg099 Says:

    hey scotty i just watched the 2009 desert storm vid from lakeracer and your bud in the grey and green boat is on their a couple of times. have u seen that vid yet?

  9. SKATER40SS Says:

    Great Vid Scotty…. Enjoyed watchin it…. Tell Heather she has a
    great stomach… hehe

  10. scottytnt Says:

    @mikeyg099 We were just past Steamboat, in front of Cattail Cove. It seemed like they came up fast then backed off just passed us. I would have rather liked to see more speed.

  11. mikeyg099 Says:

    scotty where were you guys anchored at during the poker run friday? looks like a good spot. steamboat or passed it? we were by copper and they were just cruising. we didnt get to see any top speeds. i think their were just to much traffic around copper so the pace boat wouldnt drop the flag.

  12. turbo94gto Says:

    Great video scotty makes me wish I was still there!!

  13. DuramaxDonovan Says:

    F’n awesome video Scotty!

  14. OttomanRasengan Says:

    I prefer to die with Justin Bieber’s songs.

  15. pedroalxdr Says:

    @0Shams0 she realized she doesnt need to be naked to show off how much talent she has and what she can do.

  16. luisxjh Says:


  17. AndreaDeRegis Says:

    @0Shams0 an artist doesn’t have to be hot, if you want to see hot girls go on you porn.

  18. SuperArsenal84 Says:

    Tupac fucks that fat ass bitch

  19. alkimst13 Says:

    I’d like to Poke-Her-Face

  20. chakotay26 Says:

    i like new gaga (2010,2011)

  21. seanhiphop123 Says:

    I love lady gaga !!!!

  22. christianjoel96 Says:


  23. Antimalwaregeek Says:

    She CAN sing. But she is Plastic. She copies her looks and is a fake as can be. Killing the Music Industry seems to be her job among many other modern artists.

  24. danilonoli Says:

    isso sim é um verdadeiro show, olha a qualidade, de som de figurino, de visual ,tudo de bom, ei brasilzão, um dia vcs chegam a esse nível!!!!!!!!!

  25. h95amed Says:

    GAGAAAAAAA GOOD I lave you gaga

  26. shashaNmcr Says:

    I want this GAGA back!!!

  27. beaubrains Says:

    very hot <3<3

  28. LilNii Says:

    @0Shams0 Well when she had her old look if she would have kept it much longer she would have been sued. She’s still ripping off poses and outfits / looks from the same Fetish model. However her new music video has even ripped off a 1995 movie…

  29. iidooiia Says:

    She has changed so much.
    Her look was “normal” but now.. is very … arg!

  30. TheAstralDarkness Says:

    @BoBoTheTeddy Im a sound engineer, dj and i produce electronic music. Gaga like justin bieber and all that crap is just music for losers. You want music? Well u can listen to pink floyd, god is an astronaut, porcupine tree, faith no more, alice in chains. You talk about her concerts? Just lights, good sound, stripers, dancers and all that crap that only retarded minds likes to buy. 100% Samplers 60% Playblack. Gaga is just a bad copy of Madonna.

  31. BoBoTheTeddy Says:

    @TheAstralDarkness have you heard her songs atm? have you heard her live? fucking retard

  32. TheAstralDarkness Says:

    It is the first time im watching a gaga video… and i can say that really sucks… This is only stuff for gays and lesbians and stupids kids… the music its horrible… Do u want electronic music.. well u can listen to John Digweed.

  33. ModeOnn Says:

    Eu era fã dessa Lady Gaga.

  34. songlyricsgr Says:

    thumbs up if you watch this vid because of Amy’s Winehouse iConcerts show !

  35. Slipknot417992666 Says:

    Is there a live video of her in the swiming suit from the official video??? =O

  36. albertvanity Says:

    @0Shams0 An artist has to evolve.
    if she was still the same now as she was back then, No one would like her.
    People would’ve been bored of her.

  37. mollysangelique Says:

    zit zy niet op smack amy what she used do you know i, can come in the unknown is interesting but brings you in the dangerzone told my story usa walk of dope

  38. willtayte Says:

    Lady Gaga would make a good zumba instructor

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